September 29, 2009

Base jumpers target Indianapolis buildings

Police in Indianapolis said they have received two recent reports of base jumpers parachuting from buildings in the city's downtown.

Investigators said a jumper described as a man around the age of 20 could face burglary and trespassing charges for using a fake ID to gain access to the top floor of the 21-story Barton Tower Apartments and prying open a fire exit before parachuting from the building Sept. 16, the Indianapolis Star reported Tuesday.

Police said the man was see driving away from the scene with an accomplice in a gray sport-utility vehicle.

Authorities said they received a second report of a base jumper about a week later parachuting from either the Chase Tower or the nearby Hilton Garden Inn. Investigators said there are no laws in the city specifically outlawing base jumping. They said arrests are only sought when a crime such as trespassing or property damage is committed in the process of a jump.