September 29, 2009

Quebec church invites dogs to attend

An Anglican church near Montreal has become dog-friendly, offering a Paws and Pray service once a month.

The communion service at Christ Church Beaurepaire in Beaconsfield will include treats for the dogs and bowls of water along with bread and wine for their humans, the Montreal Gazette reports. The Rev. Michael Johnson, vicar of the church 25 miles east of Montreal, plans to try Paws and Pray for four months to determine if there is enough interest to justify keeping it going.

Many Anglican churches bless animals once a year, usually on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. A regular service is a little more unusual.

I hope the dogs will feel honored and welcomed, Johnson said.

The service was suggested by Johanne Tasse, a member of Christ Church and president of Companion Animals Adoption Centers of Quebec, the Gazette reported.

Animals deserve our care and respect, she said. If we can bring dogs to church, how can we turn around and abuse them?