September 30, 2009

Civil War artifacts found on golf course

Archaeologists in Tennessee said they have discovered items dating back to the Civil War, including a 6-pound cannon ball, on a former golf course.

The archaeologists and history experts surveying the former Country Club of Franklin said they discovered the cannon ball along with items including a hotchkiss shell, buckles, spoons and homemade bullets in sand traps at the golf course, WSMV-TV, Nashville, reported Wednesday.

History buff Greg Wade said some of the items, which were unearthed in June, appear to predate the famous 1864 Battle of Franklin.

The cannon ball is unusual because it's a 6-pounder. We don't know of any 6-pound guns at the battle of Franklin, so this was probably fired in '62 or '63 instead of 1864, Wade said.

Wade and other experts said they believe there are many other artifacts waiting to be discovered at the golf course.

When you think (these items were) only taken off a few sand traps, you've got 110 acres out there that have not been surveyed, said Wade. What could come off that property?