September 30, 2009

Uncle’s ashes among burglarized items

A Florida woman said items taken from her home during a recent burglary include her Nintendo Wii console, a pair of handguns and her uncle's ashes.

Denise Littler of Bradenton said the wooden box that held the ashes of her uncle, David Littler, who died at age 83 four years ago, was left in its place along with her relative's military medals and dog tags during Friday's burglary, but a plastic bag containing the ashes was taken, the Tampa Tribune reported Wednesday.

It's, like, 'Hello,' she said. That is of no value to anybody other than me. What are you going to do with a bag of somebody's ashes?

Manatee County sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow said Littler's front door had been pried open. Other items taken included an underwater camera, a flute, a music stand and some collectible model cars.

It's a typical burglary with the typical things stolen, Bristow said. Well, except for the ashes.

Littler said her father's ashes, which were stored near her uncle's in her home, were untouched by the burglar or burglars.