September 30, 2009

$13,000 at Goodwill returned to owner

Employees at a Wisconsin thrift store said they discovered $13,000 in a box of donated shoes and returned it to its owner using a receipt to track her down.

Marshfield Goodwill workers Jerry Schmitz, 30, and Len Nyen, 55, said they found the $100 bills, which were all from 1981, in a small yellow envelope tucked under a pair of dress shoes in a box of donated goods, the Stevens Point (Wis.) Journal reported Wednesday.

The pair took the find to manager Dan Linzmeier and the workers used a receipt written for the donor to track down the woman who brought in the shoes. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said her husband commonly saved cash around the house. She said the man, who lives in a nursing home, likely forgot about the $13,000.

The men said returning the money to the woman felt amazing.

My partner and I both worked Friday and the following Saturday, Nyen said. The Saturday morning I said, 'How do you feel?' He said, 'I feel good.' I said, 'I feel good, too.'