October 1, 2009

Student gets the boot for streaking

A University of Colorado student with a penchant for running naked says he will be suspended for the spring semester for streaking at a football game.

Mason Lacy, 19, who was charged with resisting arrest and trespassing for his naked run during halftime of a Sept. 6 game against Colorado State University, said he was informed Tuesday he will not be allowed to take classes at the university in the spring, the Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera reported Thursday.

Lacy also was charged with incidental exposure in 2007 when the then-17-year-old streaked at a high school football game. The charge was later dropped as a result of his young age. Lacy said he was relieved not to be charged with indecent exposure in the Sept. 6 incident because it could have led to him registering as a sex offender.

That could have been really bad, he said. Being a sex offender is a really serious thing.

Lacy is due in court Oct. 12.