October 2, 2009

Train ticket counterfeiter spared jail

A British computer expert who used fake train tickets to take more than $19,000 worth of free rides was spared jail by a judge.

Jonathan Moore, 27, who rode the rails free of charge for two years using fake tickets created with his laptop computer, was sentenced in Brighton Crown Court to a nine-month suspended jail sentence and a 240-hour unpaid work order, The Times of London reported Friday.

Moore, who pleaded guilty to 11 counts of fraud, was also ordered to pay $19,859 for his free rides and $824 in costs.

Judge Richard Hayward said that it was very sad that you should use your skills for a fraudulent purpose.

You are a computer expert who had a good job but you struck upon the idea of using your skills to scan and then produce rail tickets between Brighton and London, the judge said. You did this to save yourself a considerable amount of money.