October 2, 2009

Chirac gives away depressed dog

Former French President Jacques Chirac said he was forced to get rid of his dog because it suffered from depression and kept biting its master's bottom.

Chirac, 76, and his wife, Bernadette, 76, said the Maltese lap dog, Sumo, lived with them at the Elysee Palace for most of the former president's 12-year tenure, but the canine became depressed after moving out of the presidential home, The Daily Mail reported Friday.

The Chiracs said they tried putting Sumo on anti-depressants, but the dog remained moody and would often bite the former head of state's buttocks.

The couple said they were sad to see Sumo go, but the dog has calmed down considerably since it moved in with friends at a farm on the outskirts of Paris.