October 2, 2009

Cat nurses baby Chihuahua

Workers at a Phoenix animal rescue say a Chihuahua that lost its mother in childbirth is nursing from its adopted mom -- a cat.

Heather Allen of Halo Animal Rescue said she jumped into action last week when she received a Chihuahua one hour after its mother died in childbirth, KTVK-TV, Phoenix, reported Friday.

I called animal control and I said 'What do you have for me that's nursing?' Allen said.

She said she was initially hesitant when animal control staff told her the only nursing animal was a black cat with four babies.

I asked a couple of vets and one was like, 'Oh, I don't know about that' and the other one was like, 'Oh I think that's OK,' she said. I just kind of just stuck the puppy in with the rest and hoped the mom wouldn't notice much and she thought that was fine.

Allen said the dog, named Liam, has now been nursing from the cat for a week and appears healthy.

It's pretty comical, even for us who have been around forever, we just keep looking with amazement, she said.