October 3, 2009

Man to be under lock and key for keying

A man will spend at least a month in jail and face stiff probation conditions for keying a car owned by a millionaire in Palo Alto, Calif., a judge says.

Santa Clara County Superior Judge Joyce Allegro said in addition to probation and his jail sentence on vandalism charges, Howard Herships must complete psychiatric counseling and three months of anger management classes for scratching millionaire Steve Kirsch's car, the San Jose Mercury News reported Friday.

Kirsch will also receive $5,000 for his legal fees from Herships.

Herships keyed Kirsch's Toyota RAV4 as it sat in a Palo Alto courthouse parking lot. The incident took place after the Silicon Valley millionaire won a 2005 court case against an unidentified friend of Herships.

Herships, representing himself, filed scores of motions during more than 60 court appearances. Despite the fact the case was based on an act of vandalism, it involved seven judges and four prosecutors thanks to Herships' legal efforts.