October 5, 2009

Florida lawyers split over whocanisue.com

Some attorneys in Florida say the referral service, whocanisue.com, is a disgrace while other lawyers label the Web site a boon for business.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel said Sunday with the service based out of Boca Raton, Fla., being advertised on scores of billboards and signs in three Florida counties, attorneys are divided on the benefits and drawbacks of the business.

Personal injury attorney Gary Lesser of West Palm Beach, Fla., labels the service dedicated to finding lawyers for litigious individuals egregious and said it takes attention away from those truly in need of legal aid.

There are real people who are hurt, who need lawyers, Lesser said.

Labor and employment lawyer Martin Saenz of Miami said whocanisue.com has increased his business dramatically although he does admit some cases are of a questionable nature.

I'm getting probably twice as many phone calls, said Saenz, who advertises on the Web site. Of course, not all of them have a case.

Curtis Wolfe, who founded the controversial service in October 2008, told the Sun-Sentinel he understands the criticism of his Web site's name.

It's definitely meant to be edgy, Wolfe said.