October 5, 2009

Denver police seek peace-sign vandals

Denver police said they were investigating dozens of spray-painted peace signs that have appeared on homes and businesses in recent days.

Investigators said they don't have any suspects and no witnesses have come forward even though many of the peace signs were painted on buildings in high-traffic areas, KMGH-TV, Denver, reported Monday.

Resident Steven Wiskow said someone spray-painted a peace sign on his home on the busy corner of 11th Avenue and Grant Street.

It's weird because you would think that someone would see it, someone driving by, because it's a high-traffic area, he said.

Stephanie Shearer, owner of Pandora's Jewelry, cleaned a peace sign off her neighbor's store front.

There is a line between street art and straight-up vandalism, Shearer said. "When you hit independent businesses owned by 60-year-old ladies, that's vandalism.

I'm a bleeding-heart liberal. I like peace, But I don't like to see peace signs all over my neighbor's property, she said.