October 5, 2009

Crocodile spends three days in slammer

Police in Australia said a 6 1/2-foot crocodile found wrestling with a fence spent three days in jail before being moved to a crocodile farm.

Gunbalanya police said the female croc was spotted battling a fence in the middle of Arrkuluk Camp and wasn't in much condition to put up a fight when officers and rangers arrived to capture the reptile, the Northern Territory News reported Monday.

She was pretty tired -- pretty knackered at that point, Brevet Sgt. Adam Russell said.

Russell said the crocodile was taken to a jail cell and held for three days until staff from a crocodile farm collected the animal.

She got a bit cranky when she was in the cells -- started hissing when people came near, he said. She would have to be the most interesting clientele we've had in that cell.