December 23, 2010

Cat And Dog Skin Products Being Sold Online In China

Trousers and hats made from dog fur are just a few of the many items being sold on China's largest retail website, Taobao, sparking outrage among animal lovers.

According to a report by the AFP news agency, one seller was surprisingly proud of how 'authentic' his cat skin products were, though he had only sold one item in the past a month.

It's believed that stray animals are targeted, their furs being sold in the east and the meat to restaurants in the south.

Animal rights activists are infuriated. Comments have been posted on the popular social networking site Douban calling for the sales of these products to be banished.

On a picture of a mattress made from cat fur, one web user posted, "Would those sleeping on a mattress made at the cost of lives feel really happy and comfortable? Isn't that cruel?"

Zhai Yining of the China Small Animal Protection Association says, ""We have volunteers to protect the animals but their efforts are not enough as the government's supervision is inadequate."

Taobao has made an effort to stop these sales by lowering rating points of any online store caught selling cat or dog products.

But an unnamed official with Alibaba, the operator of Taobao.com, said website inspectors charged with deleting irregular information were overwhelmed by the number of sellers publishing product details.