March 6, 2003

Man Uses Airport X-Ray Photos in Exhibit

Man Uses Airport X-Ray Photos in Exhibit

source: Associated Press Strange News By KARL RITTER, Associated Press Writer

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - An art exhibit with X-ray pictures taken by airport security equipment has irked Swedish aviation authorities, who say workers cannot breach security guidelines for the sake of art.

The display, which opens Saturday in a gallery in the capital, Stockholm, features 13 X-ray photographs of a gun, a champagne bottle, various accessories and the artist herself.

The 28-year-old Swede, who calls herself Maloosak, said police and security personnel at a small airport in northern Sweden helped her take the pictures on their X-ray machine last year and even lent her the gun.

"They thought it was a great idea. They gave me free rein," Maloosak told The Associated Press.

Maloosak said she managed to slide 13 objects, including herself, through the machine before the photo session was stopped by the airport's director.

"We don't have anything against art," Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Lars Roehne said. "But it's not acceptable that our employees allow artists or other unauthorized persons into these areas."

Roehne said the security officers involved were warned about the event, but kept their jobs. Both he and Maloosak declined to name the airport.

Roehne said the authority didn't try to stop the exhibit, but denied Maloosak's requests to take more pictures.

Maloosak said she didn't mean to stir controversy with her artwork, which she called a way of "piercing through the surface and right through the soul."

She even sent an invitation to the opening to Lars Rekke, the head of the Civil Aviation Authority.

"He's thinking about it," Roehne said.


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