February 14, 2006

It’s a Dog’s Life for Chevvy Rahlves

SESTRIERE, Italy -- Chevvy Rahlves has the right credentials for the Winter Olympics -- even if he does spend much of his time on a leash.

U.S. Alpine skier Daron Rahlves' pet Siberian husky has his own accreditation tag allowing him to go wherever his master takes him.

"It's a picture of the dog and it says Chevvy Rahlves. I don't know where it takes him, he usually just hangs out at the bus anyway or he's on a leash outside," said U.S. team media manager Mark Habermann.

"I think it's basically just when Daron takes him for a walk or a run, you never know where you get checked so they gave him a credential. So you can see it's not that hard to get a credential for Torino."

Rahlves was a big favorite for the opening men's downhill last Sunday but finished 10th. He is staying in his own motorhome, parked next to those of team mates Bode Miller and women's downhiller Julia Mancuso.

His next race in Sestriere is Saturday's super-G, the discipline he won at the 2001 world championships.