Oddities News Archive - June 03, 2003

AUCKLAND (AFP) -- A New Zealand home handyman is building a do-it-yourself cruise missile with legal, off-the-shelf equipment and claims he can do it for under 5,000 US dollars.But the activities of Bruce Simpson were Tuesday attracting official interest, particularly as he has now test fired several jet engines.On his website (www.interestingprojects.com/cruisemissile) Simpson says he was challenged by US military experts over his claim the missile could easily be built."So, in order to prove my case, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and build a cruise missile in my own garage, on a budget of just 5,000 US dollars," the 49-year-old Internet developer says."Obviously the goal of this website is not to provide terrorists or other nefarious types with the plans for a working cruise missile but to prove the point that nations need to be prepared for this type of sophisticated attack from within their own borders."He said he managed to acquire most of the parts from the online a

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  • The parings of haberdine; also, any kind of fragments.
The word 'gubbings' is a variant of the word 'gobbon', meaning 'a portion, gobbet.'