Oddities News Archive - December 07, 2005

By Peter Graff LONDON (Reuters) - Is criticism of Israel anti-Semitic if it uses the same kinds of images as those long used to attack Jews? That question will be posed by an exhibition of anti-Semitic art appearing in London early next year and inspired in part by a three-year-old British political cartoon that showed a naked Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian baby.

Venezuelan "humanitarian aid" arrived in The Bronx on Tuesday, leaving some residents of one of New York's poorest neighborhoods happy to be able to heat their homes and others wondering if they were political pawns.

John Lennon impersonator Neil Harrison says he would find it hard to give up his more famous alter ego, having mimicked the master songwriter for more than 25 years.

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  • The analysis of literature, focusing on the words and grammar to the exclusion of context or literary merit.
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