Oddities News Archive - October 08, 2008

World in brief TOKYO A bald, naked man who said he was a British tourist was arrested yesterday after going swimming in the moat of Japan's Imperial Palace. He was eventually caught after a 90-minute chase that saw him climb the 8 metre-high palace wall, throw rocks and splash water at police.


About 90 elementary school students in Montana have started a series of rabies shots after a parent let them touch a dead bat that was later confirmed to be diseased.

By MARI YAMAGUCHI By Mari Yamaguchi The Associated Press TOKYO Police said they have apprehended a Western man who went skinny dipping in a moat ringing the Imperial Palace and attracted a huge crowd in one of the capital's main business district s.

A bear gnawing on a fuel tank valve is suspected as the cause of a 1,000-gallon diesel fuel spill on British Columbia's west coast, wildlife officials said.

Dozens of students who touched a dead bat brought by a parent to a Montana elementary school have undergone rabies vaccinations, officials said.

By MIKE UNDERWOOD An irate traveler was busted at Logan International Airport for throwing Dr. Scholl's foot powder throughout a plane after being delayed for a day in Las Vegas, cops said.

Word of the Day
  • Scandinavian punch made of claret and aquavit with spices and raisins and orange peel and sugar.
This word comes from the Swedish 'glogg,' which is an alteration of 'glodgat,' mulled (wine).