Oddities News Archive - November 19, 2008

Regular participants in an Our Lady of Guadalupe festival in Albuquerque say city officials have banned all homemade food from the annual event. St.

Two Wisconsin residents said their apparently cursed Florida vacation included having to seek countless permits to travel with their pet kangaroo. Larry and Diana Moyer of Beaver Dam, Wis., said for each state they traveled through with a kangaroo and goat, they had to receive permits as well as find alternative housing for the animals when their vacation went south, The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune said Wednesday. The animals were part of Ricky's White Tails and Exotics farm and the couple decided to travel to Florida with the animals in their recreational vehicle. But before the couple and their animal friends could even reach the Sunshine State, their vehicle broke down three times and needed a new alternator. After their travel woes, Larry had a stroke and spent three days in a Florida hospital. The Moyers' vehicle was destroyed post-hospital visit by a fire caused by a short circuit, leaving the couple without money or identification. While the Moyers' Florida vacation left much to be des

The managers of a Cologne, Germany, brothel say they'll drop the cover charge for life for any customers willing to have its name tattooed onto them.

The Van Buren Public Schools district in Michigan is set to charge its teachers fees for having small appliances in their classrooms, teachers say. Linda Lewis, the head of the district's teachers union, said those teachers who want a small refrigerator or coffee maker in their classrooms will be asked

Bilingual voter notices in the French-Canadian province of Quebec contain illiterate English translations, The (Montreal) Gazette reported. In advance of the Dec.

Activists in Washington used the occasion of National Toilet Day to call for increased access to proper bathrooms for everyone. Organizers delivered lunch-hour speeches Wednesday on the west lawn of the U.S.

British iPhone users said a Google voice recognition program developed for the smart phone in the United States does not understand their accents. The free program, which was designed to translate voice commands into Google searches, was perplexed when users with accents from across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales attempted a simple search for iPhone, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. The newspaper said a man with a Scottish accent was given Google results for sex when he first spoke the word iPhone while running the program and received results for sledding during his second attempt. A user from England's County of Kent was given results for my sister and Einstein during the test while a speaker with a Welsh accent caused the phone to search for gorillas and kitchen sink by speaking the word iPhone. Google's Web site for the application stipulates that it is currently available only in U.S.

Officials in Hamlin, Germany -- the city known as the setting of the Pied Piper legend -- said life is imitating myth as the town is being invaded by rats. Hamlin town spokesman Thomas Wahmes said a makeshift trash dump at the edge of town has become a real refuge for the vermin ahead of planned festivities for the 725th anniversary of the town's founding, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. He said the trash heap is serving as a takeaway food center for the rats. The town's rat problem echoes the infestation of The Pied Piper of Hamlin legend, which postulates a pipe-playing man rid the town of rats by playing a song that led them out of Hamlin in 1284.

A suburban Chicago woman has been given a $25,000 diamond and emerald ring three months after she found the jewelry and turned it in to police. Karen Wonders of Aurora said she gave the man's pinkie ring to police after discovering it in a Naperville, Ill., parking garage Aug. 5.

Officials in Duval County, Fla., said 736 write-in ballots were cast in the presidential election for Hillary Clinton, Steven Colbert and other non-candidates. Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland's office said Clinton, the Democratic senator from New York, was the top write-in presidential vote-getter, while former presidential contenders Rep.

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