Oddities News Archive - November 23, 2008

The head of the Swedish post office has agreed to go without pay for his entire time in the position, repaying anything he has already been paid. Lars Nordstrom had come under fire after the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported that he was being paid twice as much as his predecessor as chief executive officer of Posten, The Local reported. Nordstrom, who receives more than $500,000 in an annual pension from his years as head of a state-owned bank, and other income from directorships, was being paid 900,000 kronor ($106,000) a month.

Six Shiba Inu puppies belonging to a San Francisco couple are leaving the Web after winning the hearts of millions of Internet surfers. About 4 million people are believed to have watched the pups, the New York Post reported.

A woman with an apparent interest in football tacking was able to bring down a dog that had run away from its home in Norfolk, Va., one dog searcher said. Debra Griggs said after she and nine other people conducted an extensive search for Sebastian the Chow, which had run away from its owner's home on Nov.

A dog that had run away from home in Norfolk, Va., was successfully recaptured thanks to a woman's sure-handed tackle, one dog searcher says. Debra Griggs said she and nine other people conducted an extensive search for Sebastian the Chow, which had run away from its owner's home Nov.

A man and woman in New York who offer people an eyeful as she spins about a stripper pole on the back of his rickshaw say the activity is not stripping.

A New York woman is suing her former fiance for $1 million, alleging he ruined her wedding day by becoming mentally and physically abusive. The New York Post reported Sunday that Catherine Specchia accuses her former boyfriend, Mario Roveto, of agreeing to marry her last August despite never having

An Arkansas couple are suing McDonald's after nude photos of the woman stored on his cell phone left behind at a franchise restaurant wound up on the Internet. Phillip and Tina Sherman filed their lawsuit Friday against McDonald's Corp., Mathews Management Co., which owns the McDonald's franchise in Fayetteville, Ark., and Aaron Brummley, a manager of the restaurant, the (Fayetteville) Northwest Arkansas Times reported Sunday. They are seeking more than $3 million in damages after nude photos of Tina Sherman were posted on a Web site. Phillip Sherman left his cell phone in the McDonald's restaurant July 5.

Word of the Day
  • To befool; deceive; balk; jilt.
  • An illusion; a trick; a cheat.
The word 'begunk' may come from a nasalised variant of Scots begeck ("to deceive, disappoint"), equivalent to be- +‎ geck.