Oddities News Archive - November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in space is an unusual place for the traditional feast but it was still turkey, stuffing and yams for U.S.

A British man says he used a projector to offer London residents a 10-foot-high version of a credit card they could use for $15,000 worth of shopping. Bertrand Bodson, the operator of the Web site Bragster.com, said in addition to projecting a large image of his Mastercard on the Bank of England, he

A Christmas shopper could essentially own a Swedish village where a ski resort and two hotels are selling for $45.6 million, a real estate official says. Real estate agent Lennart Ekdahl said for those who have everything, more than 11 square miles of land is being sold in the Swedish village of Storlien along with an attached ski resort and two hotels, The Local reported Thursday. Ekdahl said as an added bonus for any potential suitors for the property there is the fact that the Swedish royal family has a vacation home in the area. That adds a touch of class to the whole thing.

A man praying on the side of the road near the Italian city of Perugia was actually a look-out for thieves, police alleged. After police confronted the unidentified man regarding his actions at the feet of a roadside Madonna, he quickly gave up his religious efforts and fled the scene with officers

Police in Santa Ana, Calif., say they were forced to use a stun gun on a naked male driver after he allegedly refused to put his hands up after a crash. Santa Ana police said patrol officers stopped 22-year-old Jorge Aguirre on suspicion of fleeing the scene of a traffic accident Wednesday and the man allegedly refused to respond to officers' repeated requests to put his hands in the air, The Orange County (Calif.) Register said. Police Cmdr.

Residents in Florida, Texas and Virginia are among the groups saying their state was the site of the first true Thanksgiving feast. While the traditional U.S.

Indiana State Police say an off-duty trooper thwarted the robbery of an armored car collecting cash from a White Castle restaurant in Indianapolis. Trooper Bryce Filson was nearby when he heard the armored car's driver yell for help Wednesday and point to a Chrysler Sebring speeding away, the Indianapolis Star reported Thursday. Filson called for backup officers, who arrested two suspects, one of whom was apparently bitten by a police dog after the Sebring was abandoned in a mall parking lot, the Star reported. No one else was injured and no shots were fired, though two vehicles, including a utility truck, were damaged during the chase, said Sgt.

Kindergartners at a Santee, Calif., school estimate it takes minutes to cook a Thanksgiving turkey and hours to bake the pumpkin pie. Kindergartners at Hill Creek Elementary say you should hunt your own turkey, pluck the feathers, chop off the gobbler, take off the beak and the eyes, cover it in turkey sauce and throw it in the oven for about nine minutes, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Thursday. For the best pumpkin pie, visit a local farm to find the biggest, tastiest pumpkin, and when you get it home, wash your hands with soap.

The turkey headlining Thanksgiving feasts across the United States Thursday has left its mark in Britain, Spain and appropriately, Turkey, a historian says. East Carolina University history professor Larry Tise said British scientist Thomas Harriot has been credited with tabbing the large birds as turkeys in 1585 while in North Carolina, the bird actually has a global history, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot said. Tise said Harriot actually named the birds after the names it had earned in Britain, turkey cockes and turkey hennes. When our people arrived here, they already knew what tobacco was, he said of the traditional Thanksgiving animal.

A Bush administration spokeswoman said the invitations to this year's White House Hanukkah reception bore images of Christmas trees due to a staff mistake. Press Secretary Sally McDonough said staff members erred in failing to print separate cards for invitations to the different holiday events at the White House, CNN reported Thursday. The cards, which were sent to U.S.

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