Oddities News Archive - December 14, 2008

Barack Obama is still more than a month away from being inaugurated president of the United States but Brand Obama is a big hit this Christmas. Retailers are offering everything from Obama dog accessories to Obama ornaments for the Christmas tree, USA Today reported.

New York-area residents with the last name Sinatra say having the same last name as a late celebrity is not as great as you might think. Francesco Sinatra Sr.

Roshelle Ross of Center Moriches, N.Y., says she let nature take its course when she began delivering her baby in the front seat of the family car. I said to my husband, 'What do you mean, cross my legs?' I said, 'This baby is coming if I cross my legs or not,' Ross, 25, said Saturday from St.

Elves at North Pole, Alaska, say they're working furiously to send Santa's replies to thousands of U.S. children who mailed him letters this season. The elves estimate they'll have sent 20,000 replies from Santa by Monday -- the U.S. Postal Service deadline that guarantees Old St.

The organizer of a Seattle event in which 12 poets jumped into a frigid lake says the event was meant to bring attention to the world of poetry. A.K.

A British man says when it comes time for him to die he wants his funeral to have a Christmas theme, complete with elf coffin-bearers and a holiday message. Andy Park of Melksham, who is a healthy 44-year-old, says when he dies he wants funeral attendees to enjoy themselves as best they can and is

Workers in London paid to offer poor Christmas present wrapping services through CrapWrap say customers will get exactly what they expect. Wrapper Kevin Smith said those who decide to pay for the $5.90 holiday service from Firebox.com will receive a gift wrapped with little or no skill so any individual can claim to have wrapped it themselves, The Mail on Sunday reported. I am rubbish, Smith said of his gift-wrapping skills.

The mayor of South El Monte, Calif., has been banned from working all-nighters by the City Council, officials said. City councilors voted 4-1 Wednesday to require Mayor Blanca Figueroa and other council members to leave City Hall by 11 p.m.

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  • A person or thing gazed at with wonder or curiosity, especially of a scornful kind.
The 'stock' of 'gazingstock' comes from an Old English word meaning 'tree trunk' or 'wood'.