Oddities News Archive - December 02, 2008


The Canadian owner of two escaped and mischievous emus in rural southwestern Ontario is hoping the big birds will return home as temperatures get colder.

A Downers Grove, Ill., man says he dresses a dead tree in his yard with costumes of the season to make people smile. For the last four years, Sam Orticelli, 55, has costumed the 15-foot stump he named Treesa as a snow woman, an Easter bunny and a Halloween witch, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday. Orticelli,

A Stockholm hotel owner has transformed an old Boeing 747 into a hostel for use near Arlanda airport. Hostel Jumbo is set to open Jan.

A Southern California calculus teacher says he's selling ad space on his test papers to make up for a cut in his supply budget. Tom Farber, a teacher at a Rancho Bernardo high school, said the district cut his annual copying budget to $316 when he needs more than $500 to print enough tests to ensure

Comparing a woman to Monica Lewinsky is an egregious enough offense to be grounds for libel, Italy's high court says. The Cessation Court ruled Tuesday such is the reputation of the former White House intern for U.S.

A space-strapped Crewe, England, man said he has set up his model trains where no locomotives have gone before -- the ceiling of his home. Keith Beadle, 73, said he has spent $10,000 patenting his magnet-powered designs for the upside-down model train track and he is now seeking a major manufacturer to mass-produce his idea, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. It is a question of getting the magnets just right.

Two men wearing Santa hats and long white beards were takers, not givers, robbing a bartender in Australia at knifepoint, police said. The robbery occurred Sunday evening at the Cutheringa Bowls Club in Townsville on the northern coast of Queensland, The Townsville Bulletin reported.

Police in Uganda have warned men to beware of criminal gangs that render victims unconscious by smearing chloroform on women's chests. The Ugandan Criminal Investigations Directorate said the gangs use the women to draw in potential male victims and then steal their possessions after they fall unconscious from inhaling the chemical sedative on the chests of the women, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. We have found victims in an unconscious state, said Fred Enanga, spokesman for the Criminal Investigations Directorate.

Word of the Day
  • A serpent whose bite was fabled to produce intense thirst.
The word 'dipsas' comes from a Greek word meaning 'thirst'.