Oddities News Archive - December 20, 2008


A crack dealer making a delivery learned the hard way that his new customers were police officers in Galveston, Texas, investigators said. An officer decided to make a call early Thursday after he got a tip from an informant, complete with telephone number, about a dealer willing to make home deliveries, the Houston Chronicle reported. When the officer called, the man at the other end of the line not only agreed to bring the drugs to a prearranged location but helpfully described his appearance when asked.

Norwegian police said 81 calls received by emergency workers featuring only muttered speech were finally traced to a 3-year-old playing with a cell phone. Haugesund police said the 112 emergency line received 81 calls during the past week featuring a muttering voice that officers on duty were unable to understand, the Norway Post reported Friday. Police said the phone company Telenor was finally able to trace the calls to an old cell phone that a woman had given to her 3-year-old son as a toy.

A Swedish man convicted of libel for telling U.S.

Two federal lawsuits alleging on-duty New York police detectives took lewd photos of two women have been settled with the defendants admitting no wrongdoing. Stacia Lipka, the daughter of musician David Bowie's ex-wife Angela Bowie, settled her case in New York federal court for $80,000 after accusing Detectives Richard Vecchio and John Holbert of taking nude photographs of her in a hospital during an October 2003 rape investigation, the Staten Island (N.Y.) Advance reported Friday. The court ruled $77,500 of the settlement will be paid by the city and Holbert will pay $2,500. A second suit against the same two detectives, brought by Kristina Sellers, alleged Vecchio took pictures of her exposed breast and nipple ring while she was being processed at a police station in January 2004 on charges of leaving the scene of an accident -- charges that were later dropped.

A Cleveland judge sentenced a landlord accused of multiple code violations in dozens of rental properties to spend house arrest in one of the neglected units. Housing Court Judge Ray Pianka also fined Nicholas Dionisopoulos $100,000 and ordered him to turn all of the rent payments he collects from tenants over to the Cleveland Housing Court to be used for repairs and cleanups at the 41 rental properties owned by the landlord, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. Dionisopoulos was brought before the judge on a probation violation after an order issued in March required him to fix and clean all of his units and barred him from purchasing more properties without the court's permission.

A Chicago painter is continuing his nude governor series, following a naked portrait of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with one of her besieged Illinois colleague. Bruce Elliott's nude imagining of Palin this year when she was the Republican U.S.

A 7-year-old English boy gave three teenage carolers $180 in cash as a tip without permission, his father says. Howard Davis of Andover said his son, Andrew, apparently wanted to give the three singers a gift for their holiday spirit and gave them a pile of cash sitting on a kitchen table without his approval, the Daily Mail reported Friday. Apparently there were three teenage lads at the door singing 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' ...

Argentine police say a destitute 1-year-old boy was kept alive by a colony of stray cats who shared food scraps and kept him warm in the city of Misiones. The boy, who had been missing for several days, was found by Police Officer Lorean Lindgvist, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday The boy was lying at the bottom of a gutter.

Ariel is said to be one of the luckiest dogs in Australia, traveling in a Louis Vuitton carrier bag and wearing only Gucci collars. Aside from the Maltese terrier cross's $500 Italian dog collars, most of his clothes, accessories and toiletries are bought overseas, The (Melbourne) Herald Sun reported Saturday. They hardly have any nice clothes here.

Oklahomans put up $160,000 to see the Bushes hanged -- their portraits, that is. The oil portrait of President George W. Bush shows him seated on a green sofa in a Western-style shirt.

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