Oddities News Archive - December 29, 2008

A California skateboarder who drains pools behind foreclosed homes says skaters the world over are coming to Fresno for the backyard venues. The 27-year-old skateboarder, who gave only his skating alias, Josh Peacock, said he and his friends risk trespassing charges by traveling to foreclosed homes with a gas-powered pump, 5-gallon buckets, shovels and a push broom to transform the derelict pools into improvised skate parks, The New York Times reported Monday. We have more pools than we know what to do with, Peacock said.

Australia's self-proclaimed Robinson Crusoe has taken out an online personal ad searching for his own Girl Friday to share his island life. David Glasheen, 65, who gave up the life of a businessman in Sydney to live the simple life on Australia's northern Restoration Island, wrote in his profile on dating site rsvp.com.au that he is seeking a Girl Friday to make my island dreams come true, The Times of London reported Monday. One of the last true adventurers! Still looking for my mermaid, the bushy beard-wearing Glasheen wrote. Glasheen holds a 50-ear lease on one-third of Restoration Island and the remainder of the island is a national park.

A team of bakers in Bucharest, Romania, have baked a 619-pound dessert to set a record for the world's heaviest cake. The cake, which was commissioned by officials in the Romanian capital for its annual winter festivities, was certified as the world's heaviest by a representative of Guinness World Records after a weighing ceremony Sunday, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday. Pieces of the mammoth dessert were distributed among the assembled crowd after the Guinness representative gave a document certifying the record to Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu, the British newspaper said. The cake came after Bucharest residents set a world record Dec.

Authorities in Jacksonville, Fla., say a woman who fired a pistol at a dog missed and inadvertently shot her neighbor in the back. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt.

A New York man who advertised a service on his blog for free love letters to treat the holiday blues says he received 1,000 requests by mid-December. Jake Bronstein, 30, a marketing consultant, said about 10 percent of the requests stemming from his advertisement on zoomdoggle.com came from overseas, including Russia, New Zealand and Finland, the New York Post reported Monday. Bronstein said he came up with the idea of distributing free love letters in November and moved the enterprise to the Internet after handing them out in person failed. People get very depressed this time of year, and it's nice for them to get a little shot of love from a stranger, he said. Bronstein said he was shocked to receive 1,000 requests for the short love letters, which he sends via U.S.

A Pennsylvania woman alleges a man police discovered in her attic had been stealing food and clothing from the home she shares with her three children. Stacey Ferrance said she suspected theft after her laptop computer and iPod went missing and phoned police after finding a footprint on the wall of her bedroom closet, which contains the door to the attic, The (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.) Times Leader reported Monday. Police said the man, identified as Stanley Carter, 21, came out of the attic Friday and surrendered himself to officers after hearing a police dog inside Ferrance's home. When he came down from the attic, he was wearing my daughter's pants and my sweatshirt and sneakers, Ferrance said.

Doctors said a 14-pound, 2-ounce boy born at a Laguna Hills, Calif., hospital may be the largest baby ever delivered in Orange County. Saddleback Memorial Medical Center doctors said the child born Tuesday to Sara and Richard Sault is the heaviest baby to be born at the hospital and an informal check of other hospitals in the county found no larger infants on record, The Orange County Register reported Monday. Hospital officials said two doctors were needed to lift the child, named Richard Jr., during Sault's Caesarean section and the big baby barely fit into the largest diapers available at the hospital. Dr.

Police in Urbana, Ohio, say an Internet game played like a scavenger hunt caused a bomb scare and forced the evacuation of a retail area. The bomb squad was summoned Sunday night after witnesses told police they saw a man place something under the metal base of a lamp pole, The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News

Four teenagers in Fort Worth, Texas, told police investigators they broke into a middle school looking for ghosts rumored to haunt the third floor. Officers said they caught the four teenagers, ranging from 13 to 15 years old, crawling out of a Stripling Middle School window with backpacks, pillows and blankets about 1 a.m.


An Englishwoman says she was shocked when her goldfish survived at least 13 hours out of water.

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