Oddities News Archive - August 20, 2008


Researchers said on Tuesday that the supposed corpse of a Bigfoot discovered by two men hiking in the woods of Georgia has been deemed a fake.

A Puerto Rican man was granted his last wish - to stay standing after death. The corpse of Angel Pantoja Medina, 24, stayed on its feet for his three-day wake. (c) 2008 Daily Record; Glasgow (UK). Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.


A couple from Kafr Yasif in the Galilee received the shock of their lives Monday when the wife's miscarried 610- gram fetus, which had been declared dead five hours earlier, was found to be breathing.

POINT MARION, Pa. - An 85-year-old woman went for her gun and captured a would-be burglar inside her home, then forced him to call police while she kept him in her sights. "I just walked right on past him to the bedroom and got my gun," Leda Smith said.

Word of the Day
  • Any of various tropical Old World birds of the family Indicatoridae, some species of which lead people or animals to the nests of wild honeybees. The birds eat the wax and larvae that remain after the nest has been destroyed for its honey.
Honeyguide birds have even been known to eat candles.