Oddities News Archive - January 01, 2009

Palm Beach, Fla., thieves have returned a $10,000 statue to accused multibillion-dollar swindler Bernard Madoff with an admonition to go straight, police said. The 4-foot-tall, 10-pound statue, left near the Palm Beach Country Club of which Madoff is a member, was accompanied by a note: Bernie the Swindler, Lesson: Return Stolen Property to rightful owners.


Police say they are at a loss to explain who left 280 rats either dead or dying by the side of a road in Foster, R.I.

A trans-Atlantic passenger manifest was one person off when it landed in Boston after a woman delivered a baby in midflight. What began as a typical seven-hour international flight Wednesday from Amsterdam with passengers from Europe and India became a scene from a made-for-TV movie when the crew called for a doctor because of a medical emergency, The Boston Globe reported Thursday. Everybody was there to help, said Dr.

A New Jersey woman says she created the Web site 52weeks2findhim.com in order to give herself a countdown on finding Mr.

An English shopkeeper who wanted the day after Christmas off kept his store open with a sign telling customers to take what they needed and leave the money. Tom Algie, who owns Practically Everything, a store catering to do-it-yourselfers in the village of Settle in Yorkshire, told The Daily Mail that he used a funnel and cereal box to create a container for payments.

The international charitable group, Soles4Souls, says it wanted to bring attention to its efforts by tying thousands of shoes together in Nashville. Group members said in an attempt to support the Soles4Souls goal of giving underprivileged individuals access to footwear, they were planning on tying together 26,000 shoes, The (Nashville) Tennessean said Thursday. Members began tying together the thousands of shoes Wednesday at the Opry Mills shopping mall and they expected the bonded footwear to span the nearly mile-long mall twice. If the group is able to connect all of the shoes as planned, the lengthy shoe rope should surpass the current world record in the unusual category. National Geographic Kids Magazine currently holds the record with an 8,700-foot-long line of 10, 512 attached shoes.

A spokeswoman for SeaWorld in San Diego said 30 penguins have been born at the park since early November. Spokeswoman Kelly Terry said the busy breeding season saw the births of seven macaroni penguins, six gentoo and 17 Adelies, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Thursday. Terry said some of the

Two sisters, believed to be Britain's oldest twins, said they celebrated their 101st birthdays Thursday with their families. Betty Richards and Jenny Pelmore of Feock, England, said their secrets to long life are activity and keeping a positive outlook, The Times of London reported Thursday. We are still in very good health and keep mobile, Pelmore said.

A man who dressed as the Norse god Thor for a costume party in Scotland said he returned home and scared off a burglar who had entered his house. Torvald Alexander, 38, a construction firm manager who stands at 6 feet tall, said he ran after the burglar with his red cape and silver-winged helmet still in place, making for an intimidating sight, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. As soon as he saw me his eyes went wide with terror, Alexander said of the burglar.

A British man said a calendar he created from pictures of broken-down areas in his hometown has gained surprising popularity. Geoffrey Holman, 53, said the Hayle, England, calendar, which includes pictures of an abandoned supermarket and a garage site that has fallen into disrepair, was meant as a parting shot against the Penwith District Council, which will be dissolved in April and replaced with the Cornwall unitary authority, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. For years I have been creating hell about the state of the town and the theft of sand from the harbor, Holman said.

Word of the Day
  • An uxorious, effeminate, or spiritless man.
  • A timorous, cowardly fellow.
Probably a blend of meek and cock, or from meek +‎ -ock (“diminutive suffix”).