Oddities News Archive - January 10, 2009

The 1970s classic The Joy of Sex has gotten a makeover with 42 new chapters, including one on safe sex and another on transexualism, says its publisher. The revised and updated The Joy of Sex: The Timeless Guide to Lovemaking replaces the pictures of hairy men in former editions with cleaner cut men,

Merchandisers say the economy may be tanking but the market is hot for commemorative kitsch celebrating U.S.

The annual Splash Dog competition in San Mateo, Calif., is not about winning money and prizes, but rather about having fun with one's pet, some owners say. Ryan Plevney, whose dog Aries was to take part in the leaping competition, said this weekend's event is all about fun and a love for the world's canine population, the San Mateo County Times reported Friday. We're not really doing it for the money at all, Plevney, 20, said.

Word of the Day
  • A member of the swell-mob; a genteelly clad pickpocket. Sometimes mobsman.
Use of the word 'swell-mobsman' dates at least to the early 1800s.