Oddities News Archive - January 14, 2009

A judge in Britain said a man accused of robbing a woman should be found innocent despite impressive testimony from his alleged victim. Bristol Crown Judge Jamie Tabor said he freed 20-year-old defendant, Liam Perks, from robbery charges because the testimony offered by victim Denise Dawson was simply too compelling, The Daily Telegraph said Tuesday. Denise Dawson was a particularly impressive witness because she showed courage, clarity of thought and was undoubtedly honest, Tabor said. The jury may lend more weight to her evidence than her facts allow.

Firefighters say a cat is the hero and a goat is the goat in a house fire that destroyed an Iowa home this week. The blaze in Warren County was believed to have been started by a goat that knocked over a space heater in an attached shed Tuesday and it might have proved deadly had the family cat not awakened the sleeping residents. My cat woke me up and I saw smoke coming out of my fan, John Hadley told KCCI-TV, Des Moines.

The operators of a funeral home in Elizabeth, N.J., say a cardboard cutout of U.S.

A New York perfume company is about to launch a new fragrance named after Brooklyn, a borough not always associated with expensive scents. Brooklyn the perfume will be sold in a graffiti-covered bottle to evoke some of the hard-edged reputation of its namesake, the New York Post reports.

The mother of an Iowa teenager arrested for allegedly stealing two brownies from his high school cafeteria described the charges as a little extreme. Jan Richey said her son, Trey, 15, was charged with fifth-degree theft Jan.

Police in York County, Va., say they have no clue who stole an excavator bucket off of a tractor parked in an equipment lot. Police investigators said they are investigating the disappearance of the construction item, which weighs between 300 and 400 pounds, meaning more than one individual was likely behind the theft, The (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press said Thursday. The theft of the large bucket occurred at a Coastal Equipment Corp.

A British team has embarked from London for a 3,600-mile journey in a flying car, the Parajet Skycar, to Timbuktu, Mali. Neil Laughton, 45, who is leading the expedition, said the Skycar will drive on roads where available and will fly over the Strait of Gibraltar, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the Empty Quarter of the Sahara as it passes through France, Spain, Morocco and Western Sahara on its way to Mali, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. The Skycar, which engineer Giles Cardozo designed over the course of 18 months, resembles a dune buggy with a fan motor and paragliding wing and is described by the team as the world's first road legal biofueled flying car.

Researchers at the Sorbonne in Paris said an upcoming conference at the school will be focused on the link between blond hair and sexual desire. Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported the Jan.

A Hawaii police officer said a class ring that was stolen from his home in 1988 has been found at a pawn shop by police in Florida. David Reyes, 47, of Mililani, Hawaii, said his ring was stolen from his home a few months after he graduated from California's Rio Hondo Police Academy in 1988 and during the ensuing years gave up hope of ever seeing the ring again, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday. However, Reyes said he was contacted by a Hialeah, Fla., police detective who told me he had my ring.

A Florida man said his quick-typing 14-year-old daughter has topped 35,000 text messages a month twice in the past year. Brad Cox of Clermont said his daughter, Emilee, peaked with 35,463 text messages sent and received in June, averaging about 1,182 messages per day, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Wednesday. Cox said the ninth grader's texting slowed slightly just before Christmas when she wore out her phone from typing and switched to a new provider with a new phone that lacks a keyboard. I think there are much worse habits for her to have, said Cox, who said his daughter's text messages are covered by an unlimited plan.

Word of the Day
  • To befool; deceive; balk; jilt.
  • An illusion; a trick; a cheat.
The word 'begunk' may come from a nasalised variant of Scots begeck ("to deceive, disappoint"), equivalent to be- +‎ geck.