Oddities News Archive - January 18, 2009

Women who play hard to get increase their chance of finding a reliable partner, a British researcher says. Robert Seymour of University College London used a mathematical model to determine that reliable men are more likely to be willing to wait for sex, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Cops in California's San Diego County say the presence of two real-life costumed crime fighters is acceptable only under the correct conditions. A police spokesman in Chula Vista, Calif., said when San Diego would-be superheroes Mr.

Veterinarians in Warson Woods, Mo., say they found 15 pacifiers, a bottle cap and a piece of a basketball in a 2-year-old bulldog named Lulu. Lulu's owners, David and Jennifer Swart, said their 18-month-old daughter's pacifiers kept disappearing and they kept buying more.

New York police are investigating claims by a man who reported thieves stole a Mercedes Benz and a Porsche from him on the same night, records show.

A Massachusetts man says he went through seven pairs of shoes walking cross country in his quest to collect messages for the next U.S. president. It's been a long 10 months, said B.J.

A UPS deliveryman in Illinois says he handled his most unusual -- and most precious -- package when his wife unexpectedly gave birth in their living room. Craig Ramirez, 34, of Carol Stream and his wife Lisa, 31, already have four children, so he thought it would be another routine labor when she woke him Saturday at 3:30 a.m.

A couple known as SickNdehed and Psychovandal were married before fellow gaming enthusiasts at a video expo in the Orlando Science Center in Florida. Desirai Labrada, 29, aka SickNdehed, and John Henry, 27, aka Psychovandal, met online playing Halo 2, a video game about lobbing plasma grenades at aliens, the Orlando Sentinel reported Sunday. They were married Saturday, with the bride wearing white, the groom wearing a tuxedo and the officiant dressed in the full body armor of a futuristic, alien-swatting supersoldier. The couple had a Halo-themed wedding cake and planned to compete in a bride-versus-groom Halo tournament in the Science Center's Cinedome. I just wanted my wedding to be a little more interesting than the average wedding, said Labrada.

A British millionaire says he plans to set sail in a plastic raft to alert the world to a huge floating garbage dump drifting between Hawaii and California. David de Rothschild, 30, of the noted banking family, plans to set sail from San Francisco in April aboard a 60-foot raft of empty plastic water bottles, The Sunday Times of London reported. His destination is a becalmed region known as the north Pacific gyre where plastic waste covers an area five times the size of Britain.

Word of the Day
  • A hairdresser.
The word 'friseur' comes from French friseur, from friser ("to curl, frizz").