Oddities News Archive - January 07, 2009

Atheists in England have become anti-holy rollers, taking out rolling ads on 800 buses to get out their point of view that God likely doesn't exist. The Atheist Bus Campaign raised about $200,000 to run ads on buses with the message There's probably no God.

The man organizing President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural parade said he hoped the prospect of record crowds will not scare people away from Washington. Peter Gage, 30, who began working for the Obama campaign, told USA Today he is dealing with unprecedented challenges as the United States prepares for the first black president. You can prepare for inaugurations like the ones we've seen in the past.

Florida police said an officer caught a 5-foot-long boa constrictor that was spotted by residents about 100 feet from a school. The officer caught the snake in a plastic container and brought it back to the Ocoee police station, where it was retrieved by animal control officers, WFTV, Orlando, Fla.,

A minister saying on a national comedy show that God isn't opposed to a hardy party distorts the defunct Pittsburgh church's image, attorneys say. Lawyers for William Willie Pritts and the Church of Universal Love and Music want a judge to keep jurors from seeing the 4-minute segment of The Daily Show on Comedy Central cable network, saying the comments were heavily edited to suit the show's agenda, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Wednesday. God never said you can't party on, was one of Pritts's comments during a 2003 interview with The Daily Show. In his lawsuit, Pritts claims county officials in 2005 violated his constitutional right of religious freedom when they closed his church, known for its outdoor concerts and party atmosphere, the Pittsburgh newspaper said.

Police in Salt Lake City said they have arrested a man who allegedly broke into a home and stole $800 in change. Investigators wrote in charges filed Tuesday that a couple called police to report a window had been broken at their home and a bucket containing $800 in change had been taken, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday. Officers said a 48-year-old man was stopped moments later at an intersection and allegedly was found to be in possession of the change bucket and a crowbar.

A hot dog vendor who paid $362, 201 for the food-vending rights for a New York corner says the prime position is worth every penny. First-time vendor Pasang Sherpa said when the Metropolitan Museum of Art auctioned off the sales rights to two of its corners, he decided to pay an additional $81,701 to

Police in Maryland said they have arrested a man who allegedly dropped a bag of crack cocaine at the cash register of a grocery store. Investigators said employees of Bloom grocery in Frederick called police Tuesday after finding a bag on the floor that contained smaller packages of crack cocaine, the Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday. Officer John Hoxie identified a suspect from surveillance video and credit card information, police said.

New York inspectors say they have no clue as to what has caused a sweet smell to occur randomly in Manhattan during recent years. The officials from the city's Department of Environmental Protection said the source of the smell that was reported by 37 concerned callers this week has remained elusive despite having occurred at least three times since 2005, the New York Post said Wednesday. It's still a mystery, Office of Emergency Management spokesman Chris Gilbride said of the sickly sweet smell. Gilbride said the smell was reported Monday all across Manhattan, from the Upper East Side to the Upper West Side.

Authorities in Virginia said a 6-year-old boy who missed his school bus drove his mother's car for more than 10 miles and crashed into a utility pole. Northumberland County Sheriff Chuck Wilkins said no one was injured by the boy's high speed 10.4 mile drive -- he passed several cars in the left lane -- but his parents were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. The boy's father, David Dodson, 40, was under a court order not to leave the boy and his 4-year-old brother alone with their mother, Jacqulyn Waltman, 26, but he had gone to work and left the boys alone with their sleeping mother prior to the Monday morning incident, Wilkins said. Sgt.

The daylight heist in which robbers dressed as Hasidic Jews relieved a New York Diamond District wholesaler of his jewels reads like a movie script. And it was -- the New Year's Eve actual robbery re-enacted the opening scene from 2001's Snatch, in which actor Benicio Del Toro led a crew of diamond

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