Oddities News Archive - February 16, 2009

A Canadian house cat not known for being affectionate is being credited with alerting its owner in Calgary, Alberta, about a cancerous tumor in his lung. Lionel Adams, 59, told the Calgary Sun his 8-year-old orange tabby called Tiger began some unusual behavior late last summer. He would climb into bed and take his paw and drag it down my left side -- he was adamant there was something there, Adams told the Sun.

A British man said his wife left him after rival soccer fans tricked him into driving nine hours for a rendezvous with a woman who never existed. Stuart Slann, 39, a die-hard Manchester United fan, said the Liverpool fans recorded the phone conversation that featured their confession and posted it on Facebook and YouTube along with an embarrassing photograph of Slann, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday. Slann said he met the two Liverpool fans during a vacation in Cancun, Mexico, when they traded barbs about their preferred soccer teams and the two men at one point tossed him into a pool.

A Washington state man who slipped out the back of his home to evade burglars said he did the only thing he could think of to stop them -- he stole their van. Patrick Rosario, 32, said he was working alone in the basement of his family's Bellevue home Tuesday afternoon when he heard a loud noise coming from upstairs, The Seattle Times reported Monday. Rosario said he looked beneath the basement door and saw unfamiliar men unhooking one of his family's three flat screen TVs.

A study of Wichita, Kan., dogs indicates Buddy and Maggie are the most popular canine names but many others sport unusual names such as Lunchbox and Prada. The study of licensed Wichita dogs in 2008 found that Buddy overtook Max as the top name for male dogs while Maggie took the top spot from Molly,

A Nepalese man says he and his two younger brothers plan to attempt a world record by spending 24 hours on Mount Everest's peak. Pemba Dorje Sherpa, 31, said he and his brothers Nima Gyalzen and Phurba Tenzing plan to start their expedition April 1 with a goal of reaching the summit of the Earth's highest mountain in May, the BBC reported Monday. The current record is 20 hours on the summit. Pemba says he and his brothers, who have all scaled the mountain before, will spend 24 hours on top of the mountain praying for peace in Nepal and the world. Pemba said they will not be deterred from their goal by weather. We can't tell how the weather will be, he said.

A George Washington expert is calling for the correction of an erroneous quotation engraved on a New York courthouse more than 80 years ago. The Supreme Courthouse in New York's Manhattan borough bears an inscription in granite above its fluted columns reading: The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government, the New York Post reported Monday. However, what the first U.S.

Police in New York say a drug suspect tried to escape by climbing through a hospital ceiling only to be recaptured after getting stuck behind a wall. New York Port Authority police said Estaban Gutierrez, 36, was being evaluated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia following his arrest on drug and larceny charges and was allowed to use the hospital's men's room shortly before noon Sunday, the New York Daily News reported Monday. Gutierrez broke through the bathroom's drop-tile ceiling and fled into a crawlspace, officials said.

A British man said a long-lost letter he sent to an old love was rediscovered 10 years after he sent it and led to the couple's reconciliation and engagement. Steve Smith, 42, said he fell in love with Carmen Ruiz-Perez, 42, while she was visiting Paignton, England, from her native Spain to learn English, The Daily Mail reported Monday. He said they split in 1993 when Ruiz-Perez moved to Paris to run a boutique but he never stopped thinking about her and sent a letter to her mother's address in 1998 hoping to reconnect with his old flame.

Officials at a British railway station said they erected No Kissing signs to stop lovers saying their romantic farewells from holding up commuters. Colin Daniels, chief executive of Warrington Chamber of Commerce in England, said the signs were put up at the Warrington Bank Quay station as part of the facility's recent refurbishment after managers complained that amorous encounters were blocking foot traffic at the station, The Daily Mail reported Monday. It was all a bit of fun.


The owner of a New York state restaurant with its own bowling alley said all but one of the establishment's bowling balls have disappeared without a trace.