Oddities News Archive - March 01, 2009

A 14-year-old Chicago boy who allegedly posed as a police officer has been freed from custody. Judge Andrew Berman ordered electronic monitoring for the teenager, the Chicago Tribune said.

A Missouri farmer says he unsure what he will do with the carcass of a rare two-headed calf that died a day and a half after birth. The brown bull calf was born with two fully formed heads connected to the body just behind the skulls, said Scott Cliff, a farmer in Aldrich. I just couldn't believe it.

The officer in charge of the British army is renting a Kensington Palace flat once used by Diana, princess of Wales, documents show. The Times of London reported Saturday that, according to released documents, Gen.

The National Zoo says an elephant shrew was born and resided at the Washington tourist site for several weeks before zoo staff finally noticed it. The zoo said in a statement that Small Mammal House workers did not know it had been born until they saw three elephant shrews in the exhibit instead of two, The Washington Post reported Sunday. The infant shrew, which mammal house keepers estimate was likely born sometime in late January, has been enjoying a steady diet of crickets since being spied by employees, the zoo said.

An accountant says he was a student at Corpus Christi College when the British school's team competed in a BBC trivia contest and not a so-called ringer. Sam Kay denied any wrongdoing when he took part in the network's University Challenge program in Oxford last November, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Men should rework their last will and testaments to allow for or deny their sperm being passed on to their romantic partners, experts in Australia say. Michael Buist, an intensive care director at a hospital in Dandenong, said the recommendation stems from a growing number of women requesting the sperm of their late partners, The Age reported in its Monday edition. It's certainly something we have seen a bit more of recently.

A 20-year-old California man stole an ambulance from paramedics sent out to help him after he crashed into some trees, police allege. The California Highway Patrol alleges after Derick Gates of Hoopa drove his car over a state Route 299 embankment, he refused treatment from responding paramedics and then made off with their emergency vehicle, the Eureka (Calif.) Times-Standard reported Friday. The ambulance was then pursued by a Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputy and a state patrol officer.

A UPS courier in Toronto says he was surprised when he discovered a torn bag he found by the side of the road was filled with unused lottery tickets. Paul Neves said he ran across the ripped plastic bag while driving his regular route last Wednesday, but he never expected to find $3,400 worth of lottery tickets inside, the Toronto Star reported Sunday. I checked the bag.

Some patients in British hospitals have been using alcohol hand gels to get intoxicated, the National Health Service says. The health agency has issued an official patient safety alert to hospitals and clinics throughout Britain, The Daily Telegraph reported Sunday.

A retired school teacher says he has never missed a single gathering of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in New York. Jay Kasofsky of Woodridge, N.Y., said since New York Times puzzle editor Will Shortz began the national crossword puzzle tournament in 1978, he has always been in attendance, the Middletown (N.Y.) Times Herald-Record reported Saturday. The 68-year-old former history teacher admits his crossword skills are not on par with some of his fellow puzzle solvers, particularly when it comes to those puzzles published on Saturdays. Saturday can take me over an hour, depending on what they are doing, said Kasofsky, whose best tournament finish has been sixth place.

Word of the Day
  • An uxorious, effeminate, or spiritless man.
  • A timorous, cowardly fellow.
Probably a blend of meek and cock, or from meek +‎ -ock (“diminutive suffix”).