Oddities News Archive - March 13, 2009

A 69-year-old parrot at a Miami tourist locale once entertained the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a site trainer says. Ryan Prentice, a trainer at Miami's Jungle Island, said Pinky the parrot is the bird featured on the arm of the famed British politician in a 1946 photograph, The (Britain) Daily Mail said Friday. No one noted the names of the birds who met Churchill on his visit -- but studying the picture, we're certain this one is Pinky, Prentice said of Churchill's visit to the parrot sanctuary. Prentice said Pinky has been entertaining Jungle Island crowds for 67 years as part of the site's Winged Wonders Show.

A 35-year-old man in Indonesia's Gorontalo Province had one of his testicles bitten off by an enraged horse, the animal's owner says. The horse's owner, who was identified only as Budi, said the violent attack, which occurred while the unidentified man was unloading a cart being pulled by the horse, did not come as a major surprise, Jakarta News.Net reported. He even attacks chickens if they disturb him when he is eating.

About 100 people waited outside of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant in Gainsville, Va., for 24 hours to claim a year's worth of free coupons. The assembled crowd assigned themselves numbers, 1-to-100, by 8 a.m.

Watching a beach house in Barnegat Light, N.J., loaded onto a barge and sailed toward Glen Cove, N.Y., was an amazing site, the home's owner says. Dermatologist Deborah Sarnoff, who owns the home with Robert Gotkin, said Friday her temporary floating home was indeed a sight to see, Newsday said. I'm

A southern China farmer said two otherwise healthy pigs were born without snouts on his farm. Fang Lianseng said his two unique swine were born at his Jingcheng farm alongside several siblings with the normal pig facial features, The Sun reported Friday. They look strange but their nostrils are inside

A New York funeral director has a deal for someone with the skills to build an extension to his apartment -- a complete funeral with all the extras. Pete Dohanich, whose business is in Brooklyn, is licensed to provide funeral services in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, The New York Daily News reports.

A Washington state cat has been reunited with its owner after it stowed away in a couch donated to a second-hand store. Bob Killion of Spokane, Wash., said he donated the couch to Value Village Feb.

A Chicago researcher said he is seeking local volunteers to help track an important ecosystem indicator -- the squirrel population. Steve Sullivan, curator of urban ecology at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, said he is seeking at least 5,000 citizen scientists in the Chicago area to participate in Project Squirrel by documenting the number and species of squirrels in their neighborhoods four times a year, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday. Your kids can participate, he said.

A couple married at a Texas hospital -- after their wedding was canceled due to a car accident -- said doctors provided the ceremony's music. Larry Trey Cooksey, 20, who required an eight-pint blood transfusion and still needs a ventilator to breathe as a result of the January car crash, married Jessie Cookey, 19, who lost her unborn child in the crash and was discharged from the hospital after five days, in the chapel of The Texas Medical Center in Houston, the Houston Chronicle reported Friday. Cooksey, who doctors said is expected to make a full recovery and may be discharged in about two weeks, said he did not want to wait any longer for the wedding, which had originally been scheduled for late January. I wanted to marry her, he said.

A Muslim cleric in Egypt issued a fatwa saying community members can file for divorce on a couple's behalf. Sheik Gamal Qutb, former head of Egypt's top religious institution, the Fatwa Committee at al-Azhar, said Sunday during a meeting at the Egyptian Press Syndicate that his fatwa states that neighbors