Oddities News Archive - March 27, 2009

A 21-year-old man in Evanston, Ill., says he gets his fair share of weird looks when he makes his sandwich deliveries in his mother's Jaguar. Justin Harris, who works as a Jimmy John's sandwich shop delivery man, said arriving at his delivery destinations in the $60,000 luxury automobile has earned

The police chief of Federal Way, Wash., says his use of a BlackBerry device at a red light caused a minor traffic accident. Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson admitted he had been using his BlackBerry to check e-mail and read newspaper headlines just prior to causing an accident that resulted in no vehicle damage or injuries, The News Tribune newspaper in Tacoma, Wash., reported Friday. Wilson said prior to his March 18 accident, he had never caused a crash in his 28 years as a police officer. I've had the BlackBerry for three months, so now I know what I need to change, he said to the newspaper. Wilson said while using his BlackBerry at the red light, he took his foot off the brake of the unmarked police car he was driving, causing the vehicle to bump the car stopped ahead of him. The police chief, who was verbally reprimanded by a city manager for the crash, told The News Tribune his accident should serve as an example to the general public. It shows how important it is to keep co

A farmer in the British county of Somerset says one of his cows has given birth to twin calves that are of different breeds. Farmer Vic Phillips, 27, said his cow Jemima, a Simmental breed, mated with his bull Eric, an Aberdeen Angus, and the result was twin calves, one a Simmental and the other an Aberdeen, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. It happens but it is quite rare.

Travelers in London were presented with copies of a Financial Times spoof edition Friday in advance of the upcoming G20 summit, a newspaper spokesman says. The unidentified Times spokesman said the newspaper is intent on reporting on next week's summit in London despite the release of a spoof edition with the headline We Live in Financial Crimes, The Guardian said. This isn't the first time that this has happened, the Financial Times spokesman, whose newspaper has the motto We Live in Financial Times, said.

Forty judges in Britain's High Court say they want to abandon their new robe design, with one judge comparing the garments to a Star Trek outfit. The Independent said Friday that a recent survey indicated that judges in the High Court are less than enthused about the robes designed for them by former designer of the year Betty Jackson. The robes, which represent an effort to make court working dress more simplified, were unveiled to the public last May. Lord Chief Justice Nicholas Phillips said at the robes' May debut that there was already dissension in the court's ranks regarding the new garments. I've not got 100 percent support but I have the majority, he said.

Strip clubs in the Swedish capital of Stockholm can post billboards on area vehicles to create mobile advertisements, Sweden's Parliament says. Sweden's Riksdag legislative assembly rejected a proposal from politicians Sylvia Lindgren and Veronica Palm that aimed to stop Stockholm strip clubs from advertising

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who once described U.S.

National Car Parks says it is looking into ways to replace the offending odors of Britain's parking lots with more pleasant smells for drivers. The British private parking lot operator learned in a poll of 2,000 drivers that one-third of respondents would avoid a parking lot that featured offending smells, The Daily Mail said Friday. One-in-three respondents informed National Car Parks that they traditionally associate parking lot stairwells with the smell of urine.


Vatican City will soon receive scores of condoms in the mail as part of a protest against Pope Benedict XVI, demonstration organizers say.

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