Oddities News Archive - March 03, 2009

A suburban Chicago mother says she slept through her teenage son's raucous party and was unaware his 17 guests were drinking alcohol. Margaret Couch, 46, was charged with allowing underage drinking in her home after her son and his guests, ages 16 to 19, were cited for unlawful possession and consumption of alcohol, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday. Police were called to the house at 3:20 a.m.

A British family forced to live in a trailer after their home flooded is being sued by neighbors who claim the temporary living quarters ruined the view. Michael Burton and Sarah Jagger say their $6,800 lawsuit against Steve and Michelle Tyson and their insurance company, Nationwide, is nothing personal, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. We are not nasty people, Jagger told the Telegraph. The Tysons deny they agreed to compensate Burton and Jagger for interfering with the views, light and privacy when Nationwide had the trailer moved in after severe flooding in Hull, England, in June 2007. The trailer was removed last November after the Tysons moved into their newly repaired home.

Police in Sweden said a 64-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly stealing dozens of newspapers to win money by completing the crossword puzzle. Investigators said police spotted the woman stealing papers after the Uppsala paper boy reported that several newspapers were going missing before he picked them up from the side of the road in the early morning hours, The Local reported Tuesday. This morning the newspapers were left at the location at 3:10 a.m.

Authorities in Oregon said an arsonist appears to be targeting green Ford Escorts, with three of the vehicles going up in flames during the past month. Medford police said the most recent incident occurred Sunday, when a 1995 green Escort parked outside of a home was found destroyed after someone broke a window, poured flammable liquid into the car and set it on fire, KTVL-TV, Medford, reported Tuesday. Police said a 1993 Escort was destroyed in the same fashion Feb.

The Florida Highway Patrol said a police officer who rear-ended an empty gasoline tanker had been reading her in-car laptop before the collision. Highway Patrol spokesman Lt.

A Florida man credited thrift store employees with returning $10,000 that was mistakenly mixed in with plastic grocery bags that he donated. London Willis said he was shopping at the Junior League of Daytona Beach Thrift Store last fall when he discovered the store was short on plastic bags, leading him to donate a stash of bags he was keeping at home, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Tuesday. Willis said he did not realize at the time that his life savings, more than $10,000, had been hidden among the bags in two envelopes. I had no idea the money was packed away in the bags, Willis said. Store employee Norma Wells discovered the money and gave it to her supervisor, who handed the cash over to police.


Police in Nebraska said a man was arrested after he allegedly stuffed his kitten into a homemade marijuana pipe to calm her down.

A California teacher said he is offering a cash prize for the best celebration of March 3 Square Root Day -- otherwise known as 03/03/09. Ron Gordon, a teacher in Redwood City, said he is offering a prize of $339 to the revelers who present him with records of the most unique square root-themed celebration

A Wisconsin woman said she discovered a Nokia cell phone inside a bag of Clancy's Ripple Potato Chips that she purchased at an Aldi store. Emma Schweiger of Janesville Township said she opened one of the bags of chips she purchased Wednesday and felt something hard when she reached into the bag for a handful of the potato snacks, the Janesville (Wis.) Gazette reported Tuesday. She said the blue and silver Nokia phone that she pulled from the bag was not functional, but it contained a T-Mobile chip and had a discolored spot on the bag that appeared to be from previous use of a belt clip. Martha Swaney, a spokeswoman for Aldi, said the store has notified its supplier and the incident is under investigation.

A Florida woman was charged with misuse of 911 after she called the emergency number to report McDonald's was out of McNuggets and refusing her a refund. Police said Latreasa Goodman, 27, called 911 three times to report that she had paid for a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and was refused a refund after being told the Fort Pierce restaurant was out of nuggets, TCPalm.com reported Tuesday. Dispatchers told Goodman during each call that an offer was en route to the restaurant. Goodman maintained the attitude 'this is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency,' a police report of the incident says. The McDonald's cashier said Goodman became irate after she was offered a replacement meal of a McDouble and a small fries. This is an emergency, If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one, Goodman told police.

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