Oddities News Archive - March 05, 2009

Italy's atheists can ride the bus but are having trouble getting their message on them. The Italian Union of Atheists, Agnostics and Rationalists wanted to have a slogan -- The bad news is God doesn't exist. The good news is you don't need him.

A Wisconsin woman faces criminal charges for a post on Craigslist that invited men to call her ex-boyfriend and talk dirty to him. Kari Heath of Strum allegedly posted pictures of her ex along with the ad after they had a fight, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reported.

A young Milwaukee-area man and his mother have lost a battle in his fight to keep his pet Nigerian dwarf goat. The South Milwaukee Board of Health voted 6-1 Wednesday to evict Gigi, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

A passenger in a sport utility vehicle that struck a hawk in Oregon said he was shocked to find the bird alive and trapped in the vehicle's grille.

Skiers relaxing at the end of the day at a Colorado mountain resort got something extra when a moose wandered onto the slope. The moose was captured on video by Ben Satterfield, a Tennessee man vacationing with his family at Steamboat Springs, The Denver Post reported.

A California sea lion pup may have been hungry when he wandered into the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant about a mile inland. The pup, which was released into the wild last week after being rescued, ended up at SeaWorld San Diego for a second stay.


Some parents have objected to Mattel's Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie doll, a new toy that has already sold out in several Sacramento, Calif., area stores.

New York's deputy mayor said he tussled with a mugger who had snatched a woman's BlackBerry cell phone. Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, 35, said he heard a woman shout Tuesday that a mugger had stolen her mobile phone and he gave chase until the teen perpetrator slipped on some ice on 48th Street and we sort of tussled on the ground for a little bit, the New York Post reported Thursday. Skyler said he tried to hold the thief, but the teen slipped away and fled with a group of friends.

Two Minneapolis men have been arrested and charged with theft after they allegedly stole the head off of a Wisconsin store's mechanical gorilla. Jesse Varga, 24, and John Jenness Jr., 28, are scheduled to appear March 10 for the misdemeanor charge in Wisconsin's Outagamie County Court after police said they took the head off of a mechanical gorilla that had been displayed for 15 years outside of Balloon Magic in Appleton, Wis., the Appleton Post-Crescent reported Thursday. They allegedly tore the head off the gorilla, causing $1,500 in damage to the item, on Thanksgiving Day and had the head mounted in a position of prominence in their apartment, police said.

The Swedish chancellor of justice ruled the country's National Police Board must pay $33 to replace a man's pipe after he was cleared of drug charges. Chancellor of Justice Goran Lambertz ruled after Ulf Olsson, 50, was acquitted of narcotics charges in Sundsvall District Court that police must replace a pipe that was smashed by officers after they discovered it in his car, The Local reported Thursday. Police said the pipe, which they discovered during a January 2008 search of his vehicle, contained traces of what they suspected to be cannabis.

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