Oddities News Archive - April 01, 2009

Among the April Fool's pranks corporations tried to foist on the news media Wednesday was a claim by a cellular phone company it could check for bad breath. In a release from Toronto, Virgin Mobile Canada said it had developed a Stink-a-lyzer service where users could dial a number, breathe into the phone, and have their halitosis factor measured. The detection system then kicks into gear and lets you know your breath status on five levels ranging from 'Shut Your Mouth Right Now' to 'Breath On Me, You Sexy Piece', In the gag release, Nathan Rosenberg, Virgin Mobile Canada's chief marketing officer, was quoted as saying the system was past due. Though I personally have never had bad breath, I've unfortunately had to endure being around others who did and I imagine it must be quite traumatic, Rosenberg was quoted as saying.

A 27-year-old man has been arrested in New York after allegedly attempting to rob a bodega twice in one night, police sources say. Abdul Razzaq, 40, said he was in R&K Grocery Store the night Nicholas Dinanno allegedly attempted to rob the neighborhood convenience store, twice despite the fact he lives on the same block as the store, the New York Post said Wednesday. He's an idiot, Razzaq said of Dinanno, who has been charged with robbery, menacing and weapon possession. I can't believe he did it, Razzaq added.

April Fools' Day jokes in Swedish media this year included hoax news stories on royal weddings, wind turbines and dog poo DNA. Northern newspaper Sundsvall Tidning reported an April Fools' story Wednesday that warned that authorities in England are beginning a program to track unscooped doggie doo to

The arrival of April Fools' Day in Australia was accompanied by fake announcements of a soccer ball with GPS and plans to rename a popular cricket ground. Google Australia issued a hoax press release early Wednesday announcing the gBall, an Australian Rules soccer ball outfitted with motion sensors, GPS and artificial intelligence, The Times of London reported Wednesday. With inbuilt GPS, motion sensor and artificial intelligence capabilities, the gBall has a number of amazing features, including the ability to measure kicks, get kicking tips, notify talent scouts and locate your lost ball on Google Maps, said Alan Noble, Google Australia's head of engineering.

A major Taiwan newspaper printed an April Fools' Day prank Wednesday that claimed two pandas received as a gift from mainland China were disguised forest bears. The Taipei Times claimed the latest friction between Taiwan and China centered on Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, a pair of pandas given to the Taipei Zoo as a gift from China, The Times of London reported Wednesday. Taipei Zoo official Connie Liu was quoted in the hoax story as saying she became suspicious after the pandas, a species famous for their low libidos, began spending all of their time having sex.

The sheriff of Louisiana's St.

Police in Florida said a man with 11 previous auto theft convictions has been arrested and charged with stealing an unmarked FBI car from a mechanic's garage. Investigators said Harold Scheidemann, 48, of Tampa, may wind up in jail on a 12th grand theft auto conviction after he allegedly swiped the government car Tuesday from the Century Buick Pontiac GMC dealership, the St.

Organizers of the Unemployment Olympics at New York's Tompkins Square Park said dozens of jobless people turned out to throw phones and bash pinatas. Nick Goddard, 26, an unemployed computer programmer, said he came up with the idea for Tuesday's event as a way of easing the stress of some of the city's jobless population, the New York Post reported Wednesday. I wanted everyone to have fun, he said.


Domino's Pizza officials said an Internet error led to Cincinnati area outlets dolling out nearly 11,000 free pizzas in a single day.

Police in Oregon said a woman was arrested after telling a sheriff's deputy that she was driving 103 mph to show her young grandson what not to do. Lt.

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