Oddities News Archive - April 10, 2009

Artists and bicycle advocates in Toronto are preparing to become part of Google's Street View if they spot one of the company's cars. The Google cars use cameras mounted on their roofs to get footage for the views, a feature of Google maps.

An Illinois teen spotted a horse wandering down the street in front of her home and quickly placed the animal in the family garage for the night. The effort gained Charlotte Kloska, 15, of Frankfort, Ill., a new pet because the horse's owner told animal care authorities he could no longer afford to

A suburban Chicago teen who returned the $167 he stole from a Dunkin' Donuts store didn't get off the hook by returning the money, police say. The 17-year-old of Hinsdale, Ill., faces charges of aggravated robbery even though remorse prompted him to go back to the doughnut store a day after robbing it and give back the stolen money, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday. A surveillance camera captured both the robbery and the return. The same female clerk who the teen robbed was there 24 hours later when he came back, the Tribune says.

Reports that a rifle-toting teen entered a Peoria, Ill., high school prompted police to swarm the building only to discover it was closed for spring break. It turned out that the student in question was a member of the Junior ROTC practicing marksmanship at Richwoods High School under the supervision of an instructor, the Peoria Journal-Star reported Friday. The JROTC members were using air rifles issued by the U.S.

An 11-year-old girl in New York says she won $1,000 in the Heinz Ketchup Creativity Contest by designing a rock 'n' roll ketchup bottle. New York resident Melissa Rueda said her winning design for the contest's fifth-grade category featured a Heinz ketchup bottle rocking out to an audience full of french fries, the New York Post said Friday. In the background, you can see a stage and some french fries playing instruments and singing, she said of her design.

A Saudi man has become the first in his country to divorce his wife by sending her a text message. A court in the city of Jeddah finalized the divorce, which under Saudi Arabia's Islamic Shariah law only requires a man who wants a divorce to tell his spouse I divorce you three times, The Daily Telegraph

British department store Debenhams says the average shoe size for British men has increased from size 8 in 2004 to size 9. A spokesman for the company said demand for size 12 shoes has also increased and is now larger than the demand for size 7, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. For the first time, we're considering stocking size 13 as a standard fitting across all of our ranges, and size 14 is a possibility, too.

The Zoology Museum at Britain's University of Cambridge said it has discovered an egg collected by Charles Darwin during a South American expedition. Researchers at the museum said Darwin was known to have collected 16 bird eggs during his 1831-1836 expedition on the HMS Beagle, but all of the specimens were believed lost until a volunteer discovered one of the eggs in the museum's Darwin collection, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. The brown egg, belonging to the Tinamou bird of Uruguay, is marked with C.

A professor at Harvard University in Massachusetts says he invented a chocolate inhaler that lets people taste the candy without the calories. Professor David Edwards said he and his students created Le Whif to allow chocolate lovers to indulge their taste buds without packing on the pounds, The Daily Telegraph in Britain reported Friday. Over the centuries we've been eating smaller and smaller quantities at shorter and shorter intervals, Edwards said.

A woman in the British city of Derby says her Labrador, Buster, suffered chocolate poisoning after gorging himself on a hidden batch of Easter eggs. Derby resident Brenda Dawes said her 5-year-old dog found a stash of 12 Easter eggs and quickly consumed the confectionery items and their tin-foil wrappings, Sky News reported Friday. When I arrived home one afternoon, Buster came down the stairs, wagging his tail and licking his lips.

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