Oddities News Archive - April 23, 2009

An animal rights group official says the way a Wrigley Field guard captured a cat that wandered into a Chicago Cubs game was ill-advised. Nadine Walmsley, The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago's vice president of development, said the unidentified Wrigley Field security guard made a poor decision by deciding

The Italian town of Pollica will soon offer Web cam services that enable people worldwide to check on the graves of their loved ones, Mayor Angelo Vassallo said. Vassallo said because of numerous requests from tourists to be buried in the southern Italian town, the decision was made to sell tombs equipped with video and audio equipment, the Italian news agency, ANSA, reported Thursday. The mayor said the technology will include a camera that pans the town's graveyard while offering glimpses into the area's scenery. We've decided to sell 150 tombs and, what's more, give them the long-distance technology needed for distant relatives to commune with their dear departed, the mayor said.

Minnesota health officials revealed an appendicitis patient was called back to the hospital after a surgeon removed a piece of fat instead of the appendix. The Minnesota Department of Health released a report Tuesday that said a patient underwent surgery for appendicitis at St.

The Florida owners of a pets-only airline that is expected to begin operations July 14 say flights are already filling up with reservations. Dan Wiesel and Alysa Binder said the Pet Airways server briefly crashed earlier this week due to the amount of interest in the company, which is offering animal-only flights to and from five cities at a price of $149 each way, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday. If you own a pet, you get it, Binder told the newspaper.

A British couple said they spent three hours in makeup before their wedding so they could walk down the aisle as characters from the Shrek films. Christine England, 40, and Keith Green, 44, of Barnstaple, England, used green paint and costumes to turn themselves into Princess Fiona and Shrek while guests at the wedding dressed as other characters from the animated films, including Donkey and the Gingerbread Man, the Daily Mail reported Thursday. Every girl wants a fairytale wedding and I got one -- with a bit of a twist.

A Spanish real estate company is offering a free divorce lawyer as an incentive to couples who purchase three-bedroom homes in Huelva province. Officials with Geimsa realtors said the deal is aimed at couples who have been postponing divorce because they can't afford new homes, Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. A divorce is very expensive, said Vanesa Contioso of Geimsa.

The governing party of South Africa said Jacob Zuma, expected to become president, will make the decision about which of his wives will be first lady. The African National Congress said the first lady question is a private matter for Zuma -- the party leader and likely the next president, after his party won a majority in the recent elections -- and his wives, The Guardian (Britain) reported Thursday. Zuma has not made the number of his wives clear, but he has spoken openly about his polygamy. There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so as to pretend they're monogamous, he told a TV interviewer.

China's largest model organized an engagement ceremony for herself and eight other plus-sized women in China's Guangdong province. Zeng Jing, a 242-pound woman known as the largest model in China, organized Monday's event in Guangzhou and chose the other eight women from a list of 246 candidates over

British police said an 89-year-old man took a wrong turn on his mobility scooter and wound up on a 70 mph motorway. Officers said they took the man home Tuesday after maintenance workers found him traveling 8 mph on the shoulder of the M20 in Cheriton, England, the Daily Mail reported Thursday. I could not believe it when I saw him casually driving towards us.

A Florida judge has tossed a town's ordinance that made wearing pants below the waist an offense punishable with a fine. Palm Beach County Judge Laura Johnson ruled Riviera Beach's ordinance against saggy pants -- which was approved by 72 percent of city voters in a March 2008 referendum -- is unconstitutional,

Word of the Day
  • An uxorious, effeminate, or spiritless man.
  • A timorous, cowardly fellow.
Probably a blend of meek and cock, or from meek +‎ -ock (“diminutive suffix”).