Oddities News Archive - June 15, 2009

An 88-year-old Florida woman who lost her wedding ring in a patch of overgrown grass said the ring was returned to her by a local metal detecting enthusiast. Mary Marzec said she flew into a panic after her wedding ring fell from her finger while she was pushing the grass away from her knees at a bus stop in St.

An Ohio high school principal said yearbook distribution has been suspended because an obscenity was cleverly concealed in the cover artwork. Shaker Heights High School Principal Michael Griffith wrote in a letter to students and parents that the cover of the yearbook, which featured a gathering of

A New York teenager said a battle of wits with a boa constrictor that wandered into his family's home ended with police nabbing the snake in a pillowcase. Kareem Lewis, 18, said he woke up at about 10 a.m.

A New York cab driver says he has collected more than 7,000 sketches from passengers outfitted with a pen and a stack of computer paper. Fabio Peralta, who has been driving a cab for 40 years, said his one requirement for passengers is that they be willing to give him some manor of art created in the back of his cab while en route to their destinations, the New York Post reported Monday. I tell them to create art, any kind of art, he said.

The City Council of Brooksville, Fla., has approved a citywide dress code requiring city employees to wear underwear, deodorant and properly-fitted clothes. The dress and appearance policy, which also requires all tattoos and scars to be covered up during work hours, was approved 4-1, with only Mayor Joe Bernardini voting against the dress code due to concerns about interpretation and enforcement of the new rules, the St.

Chicago authorities say an error while testing equipment led to a man with a license plate reading 0 receiving about 170 tickets he did not deserve. The Chicago Department of Revenue said it has been using 0 as a placeholder license plate for testing parking ticket equipment and officials were unaware Tom Feddor had that number as his official plate, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday. Feddor said that beginning in 1997, his mailbox has been filling up with citations for violations, including parking at expired meters, parking during street-cleaning hours, running stop signs or traffic signals, and parking a truck, recreational vehicle, bus or taxi on a residential street. Feddor said he went to the Revenue Department and the Department of Administrative Hearings for help, but was unable to resolve the issue.

An 84-year-old woman, declared dead by a doctor in central Poland, woke up in a morgue as morticians were preparing her for a funeral, doctors said. Police in the central Polish town of Zwolen opened an investigation, Polish Radio reported Monday. In the nearby village of Jablonowo Friday, the husband

A California woman said a mountain lion that wandered onto her property was cornered by a gang of unlikely guardians -- her trio of toy chihuahuas. Ana Lee Spray, 23, said she was awakened Saturday morning by the sound of her three chihuahuas barking at the top of their tiny lungs at the opening of the garage at her Sage home, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, reported Monday. Spray said she looked out her daughter's window to investigate the ruckus and was shocked to see her gang of 3-pound dogs had cornered an angry-looking cougar in the garage. The homeowner said the chihuahuas' barking kept the animal, which appeared to be foaming at the mouth, at bay for 45 minutes until Riverside County Sheriff's deputies arrived. When they saw the dogs they said `These little things?' When they saw the mountain lion their jaws dropped, Spray said.

A British woman said her 10-week-old puppy survived a trip through her house's plumbing after her young son accidentally flushed the small dog down the toilet. Alison Blair, 40, said her young son, Daniel, dropped the puppy into the commode at their Northolt, England, home for a bath after he became muddy during a walk and the dog disappeared down the drain after Daniel hit the toilet's flusher, The Sun reported Monday. Blair said she was afraid the family had seen the last of the puppy but she called the fire department after hearing the pooch's muffled cries coming from a drain. The firefighters brought in specialist Will Craig, 22, of plumbing firm Dyno-Rod to locate the puppy using a special camera and nudge him toward a spot where he could he freed. I pushed him really slowly and watched the poor thing wriggling around, Craig said.

A freak accident at the Toronto Zoo killed Tessa, a nearly 40-year-old African elephant. Tessa was heading for a pile of hay when she was nudged over by a more dominant elephant, zoo spokeswoman Shanna Young told the Toronto Sun.

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  • A woman chauffeur.
  • A woman who operates an automobile.
The word 'chaffeuse' comes from French, and is the feminine form of 'chauffeur'.