Oddities News Archive - June 17, 2009

A deadlocked election forced the Arizona town of Cave Creek to resort to a deck of cards to determine the winner of a seat on its governing council. Cave Creek voters were unable to decide whether they wanted Thomas McGuire, 64, or Adam Trenk, 25, to fill an empty seat on their seven-member council,

A policeman picked the wrong person when he ticketed a Washington lawyer for flashing his headlights to acknowledge an upcoming speed trap, the lawyer says. Mark Zaid, who represents government whistle blowers, doesn't view the $50 ticket he received in Maryland as insignificant and wants an apology from the officer who issued it, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. The issue of whether motorists have a right to warn others about speed enforcement zones has been the subject of debate in both the United States and Canada, the Post says. Because the officer failed to show up for court Tuesday, Zaid's ticket was dismissed but he says he will file a lawsuit unless he receives an apology. The more I thought about it, I realized I'm going to make an issue of this, says Zaid.

Two used 355-ton ferry boats are for sale on the Craigslist Internet sales site by a western Canadian company whose services are being replaced by a bridge. The two TransLink ships have traversing the Fraser River west of Vancouver, British Columbia, between Maple Ridge and Fort Langley every day since


Employees at a Massachusetts cafe said a man who made a run for a bathroom wound up spending more time there than intended when he was locked in overnight.

A Belgian man is demanding damages from a tattoo parlor after his daughter allegedly went in, asked for three stars on her face and wound up with 56 tattoos. Kimberley Vlaminck, 18, said her father, Diego, gave her money to get three stars tattooed near her eye to uphold a family tradition of body art, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. My father wanted to pay because in our family everyone has a tattoo, she said. Vlaminck said she fell asleep at The Tattoo Box in Courtrai and woke up with her face covered in nightmare tattoos. When he started to tattoo me, I did not feel pain and I fell asleep.

Sheriff's deputies in Ware County, Ga., said a car pulled over for weaving in and out of its lane had a naked man behind the wheel. Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal said deputies pulled the man over on Suwanee Chapel Road while patrolling the area for suspected drug activity and discovered the driver was wearing nothing, the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Wednesday. Royal said the deputies advised the man to put his clothes on and to stay dressed while driving. He gave no explanation ...

Organizers of the 10th anniversary Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade said a record number of tractor owners brought their farm equipment to the joyride. The organizers said 509 tractors registered for this year's 50-mile trek from the Dubuque County Fairgrounds to Dyersville, Iowa, and back again, an increase from last year's record breaking 450 tractors, the Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald reported Wednesday. The parade, which began Monday and ends Wednesday, stretched for miles.

Officials at New York state golf courses said they are frustrated by a company that sells second-hand reservations at inflated prices, but they can't stop it. Bethpage State Park director Dave Catalano said the company, New York Golf Shuttles, has been buying up coveted tee times for the Bethpage Black course -- which charges $60 per round for locals and $120 for out-of-state visitors -- and reselling them for $850 to locals and $900 to out-of-staters, the New York Post reported Wednesday. These guys are a major annoyance, Catalano said.

Police in Raleigh, N.C., said a suspected street artist was arrested for allegedly using road construction barrels to create an art work. The Raleigh Police Department said Joseph Carnevale, 22, a North Carolina State University student who has never confirmed or denied his identity as artist uliveandyouburn, was charged with larceny for removing the construction barrels from the side of the road, even though he returned them to the road construction site on Hillsborough Street as the barrel monster, the Raleigh (N.C.) Telegram reported Wednesday. The artist has many supporters in the community who don't believe he should have been arrested for what uliveandyouburn described in a Web posting as that itch, that need to make real an idea that has rolled around in one's head for days, snowballed itself into a temporary obsession that just has to be satisfied. I can't believe you were arrested for this, an admirer posted on the artist's site.

Students at a Westfield, Mass., school have completed a two-month project to build a mural of President Barack Obama from 24,000 dominoes. The Franklin Avenue Elementary School students, working in tandem with Westfield State College mathematicians, said the Obaminoes mural was created to honor the nation's 44th president -- and to learn a bit about linear programming math, WWLP-TV, Springfield, Ma., reported Wednesday. We were the only elementary school to do this and to have a piece of artwork of our 44th president, the only African American president.