Oddities News Archive - June 18, 2009

The dog who found the last survivor beneath rubble at Ground Zero after the Sept.

A New York state man says he discovered a coffee stain in the shape of Jesus Christ's face on the inside of a mason jar drinking mug. Jerry Stolfi, 49, of Ravena, said he noticed the image, which is smaller than a square inch, of Jesus' face wearing the crown of thorns after finishing a cup of coffee April 29 and has since kept the mug carefully stored in a cupboard that has been re-dubbed a shrine, the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union reported Thursday. It doesn't smell, though, and I will never be washing it, he said. Stolfi said not everyone sees the same image when they look at the glass. It's 50-50, he said.

Authorities in Florida said a scrappy 69-year-old widow pulled a pink pistol on a handyman she thought was going through her jewelry box. Christa Taft-Mueller, 69, of Naples, said she brandished her pink-handled Walther P22 semi-automatic handgun after she found the handyman, who was supposed to be fixing the pocket door leading to her bedroom, hovering over her jewelry box, the Naples (Fla.) Daily News reported Friday. My hands were shaking so much, Taft-Mueller said in her German accent.

A British witches' coven said the Roman Catholic church's decision not to let them use a parish social center for a party amounts to religious persecution. Sandra Davis, 61, high priestess of Crystal Cauldron group in Stockport, England, said she originally booked Our Lady's Social Club in Shaw Heath, England, for the family-friendly Witches Ball in October, but was told by the manager when she came in to pay that the Diocese of Shrewsbury had decided not to let them use the hall because the group is not compatible with the church's ethos, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. It makes you think that there is still a little bit of that attitude from the past of the Catholics wanting to burn witches, Davis said.

A New York man who posed as his dead mother to collect government checks kept a casket in his living room, police said. Thomas Prusik Parkin, 49, allegedly began posing as his mother -- complete with a wig, cane and heavy makeup -- to collect Social Security and other benefits after her death in 2003.

The Mexican navy said it has seized 1,967 pounds of cocaine that was being smuggled inside of frozen sharks. Navy inspectors in the port town of Progreso on the southeastern shore of Mexico said they slit open one of the frozen sharks after detecting an anomaly on an X-ray and black bags filled with rectangular cocaine packets spilled out, CNN reported Friday. The navy said a total 870 packets of cocaine, about 1,967 pounds, were seized from the shark shipment.

Residents of an English town have complained to officials a neighbor's rooster has been waking them up daily at 4 a.m. Edward Vandyck, environmental health officer for the New Forest District Council, said Marchwood resident Paul Wilton, 51, has been warned he could face a fine of $8,000 if he does not quiet Rocky the rooster's early morning calls, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. He has been advised to leave his birds in their darkened shed until later in the morning to stop Rocky's 4 a.m.

The mayor of Hollywood, Fla., says it was a deft move to have his fellow city residents compete to see who can collect the most illegal roadway signs. Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober said the city's recent contest, which resulted in a $500 check for the top sign gatherer, has made a significant difference to the surrounding landscape, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday. I think it was a smashing success, Bober said of the contest, which resulted in nearly 2,300 signs being collected.

A pair of New York men said their Web site, the Universal Record Database, was created so everyone can find the world record holder in them. Dan Rollman, 35, president and co-founder of the Universal Record Database, said he and co-founder Corey Henderson created an online database for people to invent

Police in Oregon said a woman arrested in 2006 for keeping more than 200 rabbits has again been arrested for hoarding 13 bunnies in her hotel room. Jim Wolf, a spokesman for Tigard Police, said Miriam Elaine Sakewitz, 47, had 13 live animals and one dead rabbit in her Homestead Studio Suites Hotel room when police arrived Tuesday and officers had to break into the room to seize the bunnies and arrest Sakewitz, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Thursday. Sakewitz was convicted in 2006 of animal neglect charges for keeping 250 rabbits, including 88 dead ones, in her home.

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