Oddities News Archive - June 02, 2009

A Canadian man who runs a small rural rabbit farm in Ontario says he's going broke after rustlers broke into his barn for a third time this year. Larry Byers told police in Springmount thieves took 77 rabbits, four bags of feed and nine transport cages late Saturday or early Sunday from his barn, which showed no sign of forced entry, the North Bay Nugget reported. In January, thieves struck the barn twice in two days, but only took four rabbits the first night and 12 the second night, he said. The first two thefts targeted show rabbits that were likely sold as pets, but the most recent theft was meat rabbits, Byers told the newspaper. The rabbits they took this time ...


A Triceratops skull auctioned in New York sold for $242,000, nearly double its expected sale price, while an Alioramus remotus skull sold for $206,000.

Police in Ohio said an 18-year-old mother was arrested and charged with bringing her baby daughter along while driving the getaway car for a robbery. Cheviot police said April Hunt, 18, was charged with complicity and child endangering Monday after she allegedly drove a vehicle used in a robbery with

A New Hampshire woman celebrated her 100th birthday with a ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle -- an activity she has enjoyed since 1927. Alice King, 100, of Lebanon, said her family and Granite State Harley Davidson surprised her on her birthday with a motorcycle ride alongside dozens of other bikers,

Finalists for a Florida doctor's contest offering free cosmetic procedures have gathered in Fort Lauderdale to hear the names of the winners, the doctor says. Dr.

Three Australian women vacationing on an island off the coast of the mainland said they were shocked when a koala chose their hotel room bed for a nap. The Victoria, southern Australia, women told authorities that they arrived at their vacation home on Magnetic Island and discovered the marsupial wandering around the home's balcony, The Times of London reported Tuesday. The koala entered the home from the balcony and settled for a nap on a bed covered with a blue and pink floral duvet.

A Tampa, Fla., couple said it took them several months to resolve the issue of a monthly water bill for more than $21,000. Ralph and Diana Salgado said their water bill usually falls between $21 and $110 each month, but their July 2008 bill from the Tampa Water Department totaled $21,600, indicating

A Florida couple said their pet dog Smokey is 23-years-old, two years older than the dog that was previously thought to hold the title of world's oldest dog. Joe Slatton, 78, and his wife Mary, 76, of St.

A Pennsylvania woman said she is desperately searching for her runaway pet -- a 52-pound, 2-foot-long African sulcata tortoise. Simmer Dougherty, 48, whose pets and rescue animals include a lamb, a miniature horse, dogs, goats, chicks and ducks, said Nala the tortoise escaped from her yard Tuesday after the gate was left slightly ajar following a duck food delivery at her Chester County home, the Philadelphia Enquirer reported Tuesday. Dougherty said Nala, who is estimated to be between 5 and 15-years-old, can cover a lot of ground when she feels the need.

A Texas woman said she believes her Clydesdale horse, Remington, has a shot at setting the Guinness World Record for the tallest living horse. Cheryl Davis, of Princeton, said she believes the horse is larger than the current record -- 6 feet-7 1/2 inches from hoof to the top of the shoulder -- despite the fact that he has never held still for long enough to be measured, The Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday. Davis, who estimated Remington's height as 6 feet, 8 inches from hoof to shoulder, said the horse will be officially measured Friday and Saturday at the Lake Country Animal Hospital with photos, videos and witness statements being collected for Guinness consideration. Davis said there are probably horses in the world taller than Remington, but many people do not bother with the plethora of paperwork and other requirements insisted on by Guinness. If it lasts 10 minutes or 10 days, it will just be something happy to show, Davis said.