Oddities News Archive - June 22, 2009

More than 200 yoga enthusiasts gathered in New York's newly car-free Times Square for a massive early-morning workout session. The Levitate Yoga class, which began at 10:30 a.m.

Officials at Virginia's College of William and Mary say the 375 submissions for a new school mascot include a mythical phoenix, a wren and a stalk of asparagus. Members of the committee charged with whittling the dozens of ideas down to a single mascot said no ideas are being ruled out, It's been fun, selection committee member Susan Evans said.

Authorities in Florida said a man suspected of bank robbery was arrested after witnesses reported a drunken man covered in red dye. Pinellas County sheriff's detectives said homeless local Michael Prance, 53, was first reported at 6 p.m.

Authorities in Britain said a marijuana-smoking postal carrier burned thousands of letters that the weed made him too lazy to deliver. Police said Neil Goddard, 32, of York, England, had $13,000 worth of marijuana plants growing in his home and allegedly smoked so much of his own stash that he was unable to keep up with his deliveries and burned the leftover mail, The Sun reported Monday. Goddard set fire to about 10,000 pieces of mostly junk mail he had agreed to deliver to bolster his paycheck, authorities said.

A man who busted into an Australian gas station and demanded money was told by the unimpressed clerk that no payments will be made to unarmed robbers. Crown Prosecutor Jane Williams said John Newall, 27, was nearing the close of a four-day amphetamine binge when he walked into the United service station in Bridewater and exclaimed: I want the money, The Mercury of Tasmania, Australia, reported Monday. The clerk, however, was not impressed by the attempted robber, authorities said. You need a weapon, he said.

The New York couple who became the first to marry in zero gravity said the high altitude ceremony was beautiful. Saturday's wedding of Noah Fulmor, 31, and Erin Finnegan, 30, was broken into 30-second segments as the Zero Gravity Corp.'s modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft made parabolic arcs high in the atmosphere to simulate moments of weightlessness, WKMG-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported Monday. When you're floating, and it's under control, it's beautiful, Fulmor said after returning to Earth at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

A kitten found abandoned in a Boston mailbox has been adopted by a postal service employee in New Hampshire, animal rescue officials said.

An 83-year-old pilot who landed his damaged single-engine Hummelbird plane on a busy South Florida expressway said it was a perfect landing. Ralph Squeglia, 83, said he aimed for the Sawgrass Expressway near Miami after clipping the homemade plane's left wing on a light pole Sunday and guided the aircraft to the ground while carefully dodging cars, WTVJ-TV, Miami, reported Monday. It was a perfect landing, said Squeglia, who has been flying planes since 1944. However, he said there were some complications on the ground. I was rolling straight and my tail wing broke, causing me to veer right, he said.

Authorities said it was surf meets turf in California Monday when a wandering young sea lion meandered onto a busy highway. California Highway Patrol Officer Peter Van Eckhardt said Oakland police were called to Highway 880 about 5:45 a.m.

A woman visiting her parents in New Jersey credited her 7-month-old dog with saving the lives of her family in a house fire. Nicole Kowalewski, 29, said she had brought her young bulldog Rocky back to her family's Delran home and she was awakened at 2 a.m.

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