Oddities News Archive - June 23, 2009

Police in South Carolina said a man sentenced to five days in jail was mistakenly released when he claimed to be a man 16 years his senior. Capt.

Police in Vermont said a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of beer crashed into a swamp, taking down power lines and shutting down a road for hours. Authorities said some utility customers in West Swanton and Alburgh lost power for a time Monday while crews worked to repair the damaged power lines, which had to be removed before the truck could be pulled from the ditch off Route 78 in Swanton, WCAX-TV, Burlington, Vt., reported Tuesday. The truck (has) ...

Some parents are criticizing a British headmaster for prohibiting his school's 1,200 students from kissing on campus. Chris Richardson, headmaster of Kings of Wessex School in Cheddar, England, introduced a new rule stating students caught snogging at school for teens 13-18 will face time in detention, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. Some parents said the rule goes too far. Snogging is part of teenage life, one parent told The Sun.

A Florida couple are wrangling in the courts about a wedding that featured only the bride in attendance but still ended in a legal marriage. Matthew Ditzel, 30, told an Osceola County court Heather Bowser, 31, had their marriage license notarized despite the fact that he was not in attendance at the May 24, 2008, ceremony, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Tuesday.


Texas wildlife officials say there are six alligators living in the Rio Grande, east of Fort Hancock in Hudspeth County.

Firefighters in Waipahu, Hawaii, said food left cooking while they were out on a call caused an embarrassing blaze at their own station house. Fire Capt. Terry Seelig said firefighters left food cooking when they responded to reports of a traffic crash May 22.

Frequent visitors to a delicatessen in San Antonio, Texas, say a pair of dive-bombing grackles have been pecking customers' heads. Customers and workers at neighborhood businesses said the pair of grackles -- collectively named Hitchcock in honor of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 movie The Birds -- haven't

Police in Wisconsin said they arrested a man who drunkenly tried to drive 40 miles home in a pilfered golf cart after being ditched by a group of uncles. Investigators said the 47-year-old man had empty beers in the golf cart when he was pulled over Saturday while driving on southbound state Highway 175 and he told a Washington County sheriff's deputy he was trying to drive home to Milwaukee after being abandoned by his uncles at Kettle Hills Golf Course, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday. The man, who allegedly admitted to the deputy he had consumed at least 10 beers, was pulled over about a mile from the golf course, authorities said.

Police in Massachusetts said a 31-year-old pregnant woman was miraculously unharmed after accidentally backing her car off the fourth story of a parking garage. Springfield Police Lt.

British police said a burglar who stole a cab driver's phone from his house made the mistake of using the pilfered phone to call the cabbie's company. Police in Torquay, England, said the phone operator for the cab company recognized the incoming call as coming from the phone of a cabbie named Don Smith, whose house had been burgled the night before, and sent cops instead of a cab to pick the man up, The Sun reported Tuesday. Jake Ormerod, 18, pleaded guilty to burglary as well as theft and shoplifting charges from unrelated incidents, the report said.

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