Oddities News Archive - June 24, 2009

A Lowry Park Zoo worker speaking on behalf of the Tampa, Fla., site's new koala says on Twitter the animal enjoyed an exciting voyage to its new home. The unidentified zookeeper offered Twitter updates on behalf of Bundaleer the koala as the animal traveled from the San Diego Zoo to Tampa Tuesday, The St.


A wildlife biologist says a geriatric swan in the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge in Spokane, Wash., is father to four new cygnets. Refuge wildlife biologist Mike Rule said Solo is a trumpeter swan thought to be between 33 and 46 years old.

Authorities in North Dakota said a 26-year-old sheriff's deputy and his mother, the wife of a police chief, were arrested at a Kenny Chesney concert. Fargo police Sgt.

The deputy mayor of a small southwestern Ontario town wants a police crackdown on non-resident dogs using the town's new off-leash dog park. Tom Burton persuaded the town council of Tecumseh that too many people from elsewhere in the county were using the fenced facility and weren't paying for it, the Windsor Star reported. He proposed a motion asking the Ontario Provincial Police to ticket dog owners for trespassing if they were using the park and their dogs weren't wearing a Tecumseh dog tag.

A Connecticut man said three burglars who scattered from his home when he arrived were arrested when they returned for a left-behind bike. Dan Haar, business editor for the Hartfort Courant, said he returned to his West Hartford home Monday night and saw a bicycle he did not recognize on his stoop and screen doors left open, the Courant reported Wednesday. Haar said he saw three people run out of the house through a window screen they had smashed, but they left the bike behind. He said the three people approached his house once again a few minutes later while he was waiting for police. Just then, they grabbed the bicycle, and about 10 seconds later -- I didn't chase after them or anything -- the cops come and arrest them right there, quickly, Haar said.

Authorities in Boulder, Colo., said a man took a city asphalt roller for a joyride before crashing into a parked van and running off into the night. Police said the man was first reported driving the heavy equipment down the road by two residents who saw and heard him at about 2:05 a.m.

New York State Police said they are not hanging on to a disembodied snake's head that is at the center of a product tampering case. They took the lab report analyzing it instead, Trooper Maureen Tuffey told the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union.

Minneapolis animal control authorities said a cat that has twice been impounded for attacking dogs is one of only two felines labeled potentially dangerous. Dan Niziolek, manager of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, said Hoppy the cat, was returned to its home Tuesday after it was impounded for the


The famed underwear-clad guitarist known as the Naked Cowboy said he plans to perform in his hometown of Greenhills, Ohio, despite a politician's protests. The performer, whose real name is Robert Burck, said he has not been dissuaded from performing Friday at the Greenhills Summer Festival despite mayoral candidate Pat Andwan's protests, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Wednesday. Andwan said in an e-mail to local officials that the Naked Cowboy's costume -- a pair of white briefs -- is indecent and his behavior is deviant. It just shows what some parts of society have stooped down to, she said.

Identical twins on trial in Wales are accused of assaulting a man who says he cannot tell them apart and is unsure which brother attacked him first. One of the pair, Gavin or Rhys Higgins, 21, allegedly hit Darryl Churchill, The Daily Mail reported.