Oddities News Archive - June 07, 2009

A suspected armed robber under house arrest told police in Wisconsin his electronic anklet fell off in a men's room but police say it had been cut. Police in Madison described the anklet, found in the trash at Walgreen, as abandoned and cut, the State Journal reported. Justin Simpson, 20, nicknamed the parka bandit, faces new charges of obstructing police and three counts of bail jumping.

A new coin-operated public biffy set to open in Boston cost $300,000 to design and create because of a bevy of complications, a city official says. Peter O'Sullivan, director of street furniture for the city, said a perfect storm of problems surrounded the creation of the public toilet, forcing its design and construction to take more than two years, The Boston Globe reported Sunday. This was the perfect storm, O'Sullivan said.

A man in Miami Beach, Fla., says he's being fined $50 for keeping Mr. Clucky, a bike-riding rooster known among the city's residents, in violation of city code. Mark Buckley, who keeps Mr.

Eight sisters in a Missouri family are one-fourth of the way to their goal of marrying on the same date, albeit in different years, their mother says. Janie Staley said her eight daughters made a pledge with one another to all marry on May 24 and this year it was 20-year-old Virginia's turn to honor that familial commitment, the St.

A 41-year-old Alexandria, Va., woman has become a three-time Virginia Hot Dog Eating Champion, contest officials say. Sonya Thomas wolfed down 36 hot dogs in 10 minutes Saturday during the competition at MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Va., claiming the state title for the third time.

The nearly naked gardeners of Boulder, Colo., say they want the freedom to garden in their front yard wearing nothing but thongs and pasties. The married couple, Catharine Pierce, 51, and Robert Pierce, 58, aren't breaking the law by tending to their flowers while wearing next to nothing -- as long as their genitalia are covered.

A young hawk having a hard time making its first flight in Philadelphia was rescued by a wildlife expert before it hurt itself, witnesses said. The red-tailed hawk's misadventure started Saturday morning when it drew a crowd by walking across a street outside the Franklin Institute and taking its perch on a nearby railing.

Word of the Day
  • The deadly nightshade, Atropa Belladonna, which possesses stupefying or poisonous properties.
  • A sleeping-potion; a soporific.
  • To mutter deliriously.
The word 'dwale' comes from an Old English word meaning 'error, doubt, delusion.'