Oddities News Archive - August 12, 2009

A cleaning worker says a Maryland judge is being investigated for allegedly deflating a tire on her car when it was parked outside the La Plata courthouse. Sources familiar with the investigation say two county jail officers reported witnessing Circuit Court Judge Robert C.

A former British racing cyclist and gold medal winner says he has invented a theft-proof bike with tires that can't be punctured and a built in intelligence. Chris Boardman, 40, who won an individual pursuit gold medal at the 1992 Olympics, said the intelligent bicycle uses fingerprint recognition to ensure it works only for its owner and puncture-proof tires that use a self-inflating system, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. Boardman described the finger print lock as unbreakable. The inventor said building just one of the bikes currently costs $165,000, but that price would fall to about $3,300 if it were mass produced. Boardman said it could be up to 20 years before people become comfortable enough with the design for the bike to become commonplace. People like different, but if it's too different it's risky, he said.

A woman who domesticated an orphaned fawn five years ago on Canada's Vancouver Island has been told by provincial officials she has to give it up. Janet Schwartz was notified July 15 by the British Columbia Environment Ministry the black-tailed deer she calls Bimbo must either be released into the wild or sent to a rehabilitation center, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.


Florida police were called to break up a bizarre tug-of-war that broke out between several middle school children and a 10-foot alligator, witnesses said.

Police in Maryland said a woman accidentally solved her own burglary when she came across a garage sale offering her pilfered possessions. Anne Arundel County police said the woman, who had been living with her daughter for several months due to a foreclosure on her home, found out Thursday the house had been burglarized.

An Indiana woman whose pet wallaby, a marsupial that resembles a small kangaroo, ran away nearly two months ago said the animal is finally back home. Carolyn Buck of Gaston said Sydney the wallaby escaped June 27 while a new fence was being installed and she received phone calls of sightings ranging from her neighborhood to Hartford City, Gas City and Pendleton, The (Muncie, Ind.) Star Press reported Wednesday. We've had a few funny reports, Buck said.

A worker at a New York City laundromat said she was shocked when what she thought was a toy 4-foot-long boa constrictor behind a stack of clothes began to move. Erika Vega, 27, said she didn't think much of the snake behind the clothes she was preparing to wash until it revealed itself to be the real

A Florida disc jockey whose attempt to toilet paper his mayor's house was foiled by bad directions paid penance for the prank by cleaning a city sewage plant. Jason Pennington, a DJ with WILD-FM, West Palm Beach, agreed to clean the septic tank acceptance station at the East Central Regional Water Reclamation

An Ohio woman said a Lake Erie freshwater drum, or sheepshead, dropped by an eagle smashed the windshield of her car while she was driving. Leighann Niles, 35, of South Euclid said the moderate-sized fish shattered the glass of her windshield Tuesday in Marblehead when it was dropped from a height of about 40 feet by a bald eagle, the Sandusky (Ohio) Register reported. It was a very bizarre situation, Niles said. I look in the air and see the most beautiful eagle I'd ever seen in my life, she said.

A California man who was reunited with his beloved pug said while the dog seems to have had a rough four years on her own, she is adjusting to home life. Richard Rodriguez, 56, of Santa Ana, said he and his wife, Josie, were heartbroken when Pearl the pug puppy disappeared from their yard five years ago and, as time went on, they spent less time looking for their beloved puppy, which they assumed had been stolen, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Wednesday. However, Rodriguez said he received a shocking phone call this week from an animal shelter in Riverside, Calif., that had picked Pearl up as a stray and used an implanted microchip to track her to the Tucson, Ariz., pet store where Rodriguez originally bought her. It was just the bond, you know? I had to go get her, he said.

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